Book 8 of the Ciaphas Cain series. The Imperium’s least willing hero is thrown back into the fight against another alien threat as Commissar Cain returns to a. This extract from the memoirs of Ciaphas Cain might strike some as a whimsical or ‘Particularly if it lasts a little longer than our last sojourn on an iceworld.’. Booktopia has The Last Ditch, Warhammer Novels: Ciaphas Cain by Sandy Mitchell. Buy a discounted Paperback of The Last Ditch.

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Other than that, I loved it. So decrepit in fact that it crash-lands. When they arrive, the Shrine is deserted, and undamaged to a degree unheard of whenever Orks are involved. The antagonists, themselves, tye completely mindless so there’s no real villain. I mean, it took me until Fate of the Jedi to realize the Star Wars Expanded Universe had burned every last bit of goodwill it had with me. It’s got a lot of re-used material in terms of how Caiaphas views the world and his aide, but I guess that’s for the benefit of new readers.

[PDF Download] The Last Ditch (Ciaphas Cain) [Read] Online

However, Vail defends her decision by explaining that the first visit, while instructive enough, was nowhere near as diych as this one The first half of this novel is a brilliant read, cults, daemons, all sorts of bad guys and action, treacherous space marines, old school tough guy characters that seem as if they were written for Arnie back in the day, the second half though, slows down considerably, it is still well done but just compared to the beginning it just lacks the same punch to the junk that was already xiaphas.

Jul 04, Adam rated it it was amazing. Another Ciaphas Cain book. It’s a Cain book, alright. Federer has advised them that they need to be under the ice to have an effect, so Jurgen creates holes in a few strategic spots with his melta gun.

The Last Ditch Warhammer 40, Novels: At the edge of the frozen lake, Cain looks into the water and thinks he glimpses something, but it is gone too quickly for him to be sure.


With a press of screaming civilians at his back, Cain takes the only route he can to avoid being swallowed whole – leaping out of the window a split second before the Mawloc strikes.

Under its direction, the Tyranids in their path are as impassable as a wall, and the force at the power plant, being led by Forres, is blocked off.

Cain and his regiment crash lands on the ice planet of Nusquam Fundumentibus yes, really when on their way to help the local garrison with a minor ork-problem. If that’s not a sufficient recommendation, I’m not sure what is. But as the Valhallan proverb has it, “things can always get worse.

It’s all too predictable at this point. Cain tries to minimize the blow, reasoning that the chances of another major Hive Fleet invasion are minimal adding ruefully with hindsight that he was wrong not oncebut twice over. I’m a fan of the series, enjoying it in its entirety. Ciaphas Cain is a series I will continue to purchase the remainder of, especially since it has credibility to burn with me. I know I do, and completed the reading in a few hours.

Imperial commissar Ciaphas Cain returns to Nusquam Fundumentibus to crush the ork attacks which have been plaguing the frozen planet. The Imperium ‘s first official contact with the Tyranids was in Personal tools Log in Request account. Retrieved from ” http: If they all wake up, the Guard will not stand a chance.

I can not wait for the next book whi I managed to read the entire book in one go, It took me about eleven hours if I remember correctly. Magos Izembard announces that, based on his analysis of the specimens Cain brought back, the Tyranids have been frozen in the ice for about seven thousand years – they had no reason to thaw out and wake up, until the Fires of Faith ploughed a boiling hole in the ice. Havoc erupts, and though Cain, Jurgenand the regiment’s ChaplainTopeare able to banish it, the bridge controls are all but destroyed.


Other books in the series. Welcome to Warhammer 40k – Lexicanum! Ciaphas Cain series A novel by Sandy Mitchell. It’s also hilarious to see how he keeps getting into trouble no matter how hard he tries to stay out of it.

The Last Ditch

I can’t wait to read The Greater Good! But when his ship crashes into the wastela Commissar Cain returns to an icy planet to crush a new wave of ork attacks, but inadvertently disturbs a far greater threat which has lain frozen and dormant for centuries in a new coaphas edition.

Light entertainment, but the author begins to fall into a pattern. Anyone unfamiliar to the adventures of Ciaphas Cain need only know that he is a self-serving, incredibly paranoid, skilled liar, who is happy to put as many bodies between him and the enemy as possible in order viaphas save his own skin.

For those unfamiliar with the series, it is about a ostensibly cowardly commissar political officer assigned to a mixed-gender unit of the Imperial Guard. Unsurprisingly, this leads to the discovery that there’s a reason for that, and it’s not a pleasant one.

This is the eighth book featuring Ciaphas Cain in order of publication, that is; chronologically it takes place sometine after Duty CallsCiaphas Cain, hero of the Imperium, is back, this time on the implausibly named frozen planet of Nusquam Thw. Cain is as wry and self-interested as ever, and Jurgen as phlegmatic.

The Last Ditch by Sandy Mitchell

Open Preview See a Problem? With a smile, Amberley says Cain and Jurgen should be able to xain her with another “little problem” she has In fact, Ciaphas Cain is simply practical and takes time to figure out how he’s going to get out of any situation he gets into.

The action is clear and well-narrated. Feb 05, Richard Davis rated it it was amazing.