Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom. China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know. New York Oxford University Press, ISBN ; ISBN . China in the 21st Century has ratings and 52 reviews. Ryanofthenorth said: Concise survey that hits some of the highlights of Chinese history and cul. China in the 21st Century: What Everyone Needs to Know by Jeffrey Wasserstrom Oxford University Press stars. Alexandre HuiBonHoa.

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Wasserstrom is especially inte This book was exactly what it wanted to be – a simple condensed guide of relevant history and cultural points related to understanding China today. This book was exactly what it wanted to be – a simple condensed guide of relevant history and cultural points related to understanding China today.

This is a great book for Chinese people to know how American think about China. I definitely feel more informed about Chinese history, misconceptions people in the US have about China and issues and problems facing China after reading this book.

Book review: ‘China in the 21st Century’, by Jeffrey Wasserstrom

There are some interesting points which are totally out of my mind. As a whole we’ve got so mu Quick, clear, and a nice general overview. However, don’t take the author’s interpretations as gospel.

Further Reading at the back of the book points to a wide selection of books that will take you a long time to get through. The author delivers on a big challenge: In two excerpts on women from their forthcoming book, China in the 21 Century: China industrial development today strongly resembles the U. No, too short for that– probably China for Adolescents.


One of the best ways to get up to speed on China today.

China in the 21st Century

Like it or not, both the U. An overview of recent history through a socioeconomic and politic perspective, but for a more varied range of subjects, try ” China A to Z: The format was question and answer, grouped by theme, which worked well. May 20, Tracy rated it did not like it. Furthermore, it acknowledges its own biases and allows me to form my own conclusion.

And given China’s ascendancy in ln world, what we may hear in the news truth or speculationthis book goes a long way to put things in context. It’s a great read, comprehensive and well researched. It’s a quick, enjoyable read and I recommend it to anyone who would like the ‘Cliff Notes’ version of how to begin learning about the complexities of history, culture and peoples of China. From Mao to Now 5. Finally, but most notably, what distinguishes this book from wasserxtrom others is Wasserstrom’s convincing answers to the most misunderstood questions and current issues that revolve around China today.

Trivia About China in the 21st Wasserstrom and Cunningham give you all you need to know to start understanding China. Shame on a Professor of History who claims waxserstrom knows “what centuy needs to know” about 21st century China. The book offers glimpses of stalwarts in the CCP, chna as Mao and Deng, the differences in leadership, etc.

China in the 21st Century by Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom

Wasserstrom does an effective job of dipping the reader’s toes in the deep and wild waters of Chinese history with direct and easy-to-follow information. Should be an essential carry-on item for the plane trip to China-whether in a student backpack or an executive briefcase. Then goes into more current history and issues that China faces today. Anyways, the purpose of this book is to introduce newcomers to modern Chinese society, and it does its job. Jan 31, Beth Robinson rated it liked it Shelves: You are signed up.


I think if you want a brief history of China this is a great book.

Very open minded, no ‘bashing’ of any nation, just plain facts and understanding of issues. This book does a pretty good job at showing you how the Chinese people feel about certain event I think if you want a brief history of China this is a great book. Intended primarily for the American reader, the book makes a number of cases for the similarity despite surface differences between the United States and modern China in their separate economic and political developments.

Praise for previous editions: Finally, he provides guidance on the ways we can expect China to act in the future vis-a-vis the United States, Russia, India, and its East Asian neighbors. The Present and the Future 4.

As we celebrate the lives and accomplishments of women around the world as part of Women’s History Month, we offer a brief look cgina changing gender roles in different periods of China’s past, and at a group of contemporary activists pushing for greater equality between men and women in the current era.