Elena Fortún has 30 books on Goodreads with ratings. Elena Fortún’s most popular book is Celia en la revolución (Celia, #21). ELENA FORTÚN (). Se dedicó preferentemente a la literatura para niños. Sus títulos más conocidos son: Celia en el colegio, Celia institutriz. Results 1 – 12 of 37 Cuchifritín el hermano de Celia / Cuchifritin Celia’s Brother (Spanish Edition). Jun 30, by Elena Fortún.

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Celia is the only girl remaining at the convent during summer, all the other girls are away with their families.

As summer begins to approach, Celia’s mother has her daughter’s hair cut, so she can avoid being uncomfortable due to the rising temperatures. Instead, Rafaela sends Celia up the hills where she asks her to find and bring a stubborn goat back to her.

The first 5 books of the series have gone through different reprints, they are very well known and incredibly funny and entertaining while also pieces of great literature. Celia wishes she could be someone else for a change, while her father finds his profession and character growing tiresome.

On one occasion, while standing on her knees by the door, Celia lies to a man waiting to see the Mother Superiortelling elenaa that the nuns and school workers suffer from smallpox. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. The nuns prepare the girls by fixing their hair with curlers.

Thus begins the rivalry between the two characters. At home, no one seems to be happy fortin who they are, especially Celia and her father.

Books by Elena Fortún (Author of Celia en la revolución)

This article has multiple issues. Born in Madrid she spent celiaa summers with her grandfather, Fotun, in Abadesa small village west of Segovia. Divisa Home Video also released this collection on VHSbut was epena along with the entire format shortly afterwards. Her uncle asks her to behave when he takes her out with his friends to restaurants or to the park, but Celia hesitates; the grown-ups she spends time with make such curious, sometimes silly, remarks that Celia feels she must have a say in their conversation.


All six episodes were released together in one single 3-disc pack, complete with two audio options, Spanish Dolby Digital 5. With a heavy heart, Celia’s father tells Celia that he has no option but to send her with the nuns. This page was last edited on 9 Septemberat Carmen SantonjaGloria Van Aerssen. Celia’s mother and father have little time to spend with their daughter; she is away visiting friends or out shopping and often comes home very late at night, living Celia in charge of Miss Nelly, the English governessce,ia he is busy attending to his work in his office.

Elena Fortún

Madre Loreto, in charge of preparing the clia for examination, struggles as she finds that the girls haven’t learned as much as they were expected to. His last appearance was in the very same episode, when he invites Celia to his quiet and boring birthday party, where the girl and her two snobby girl-cousins celebrated together as he retired due to a headache, as well as cekia pressures of aging.

Other events were altered from the novel in order to give the series a more dramatic appeal.

For example, in the novel, Celia does not have a good time during the end-of-the-year plays as she is excluded from participating. Once at the school with the nunsCelia continues to make mischief and form many eelena events at the convent, often with the help of other girls. Retrieved from ” https: She tells the child many odd and strange stories about woodcutters who lost their way upon gazing at the Moon, or the real purpose of the Sun and the stars.

In she married her cousin, Eusebio de Gorbea y Lemmia military man, intellectual and writer. Celia is a seven-year-old girl living with her family in her home located in a street, la Calle Serrano, in MadridSpain. This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. She was not persecuted because she did cepia belong to a political party, her only crime was being a woman who felt that the Republic would enhance the education and role of women in society.


The school is not what Celia had anticipated; she has trouble adapting to the many strict rules of the nuns, and the more fun things, such as recess, are far too short. At the circus, Celia is happy to see Coralinda performing.

Celia en el mundo – Wikipedia

Would you know where to buy old editions? Cover of the first edition of Celia en el mundo Views Read Edit View history. Celia has a way of questioning everything around her, in a way of childish innocence, as well as ingenuity; she wonders about the identity of the Three Wise Menfor instance, and the strange ideas and thoughts that adults tend to say.

The woman is of good family and has a noble heart, but at the same time, she has an imagination as wild as Celia’s. The priest, Don Restituto, tries to guide Celia, but when the girl starts creating more trouble than eleena in her attempt to become a saint, or at least a martyr, he gives up on her and forbids her from being either. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Rather than fortyn home, Celia and her uncle and invited to spend Christmas with Paulette’s family in a grand castle, where Celia again stirs up plenty of trouble.