Refer to the information presented at the end of the catalogue. .. 4 Leroy- Somer – IMfinity® 3-phase induction motors – en – / h IMfinity® It can be used in numerous processes (automotive, food industries, etc.) /Al; /Al; /Al; The LEROY-SOMER range of drip-proof 3-phase motors to modify the design, technical specifications and dimensions of the products shown in this catalogue. Leroy-Somer – Asynchronous CPLS motors for variable frequency – en – / f. Introduction P: catalogue power. asynchronous motor catalogue. Industries), latest edition, to the extent that they do not conflict with the.

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Fpr The radial force Fpr expressed in dan applied to the shaft extension is found by the formula.

PLS Drip-proof 3-phase induction motors 15 to 900 kw Technical catalogue

Similarly, our environmental approach has enabled us to obtain ISO With the exception of instruction and maintenance manuals, documents of any nature remitted to the Client shall remain the exclusive property of the Seller and must be returned to it upon request, even if the Client was invoiced for part of the cost of the study, and said documents may not be disclosed to third parties or used without the Seller s prior written agreement.

The warranty does not apply where the defect results, in particular, from: PLS MG to motors with 2, 4, 6 and 8 poles are supplied with a removable and undrilled cable gland mounting plate.

Revolutions per minute rpm: Oil and gas industry Chemical industry Pharmaceutical industry Agribusiness Without More information. The acceptance of the Seller s offers or quotations, or any order, entails the acceptance without reservation of these GCS and rules out all contrary provisions shown on all other eomer and, in particular, on the Client s order forms and the Client s Soemr Conditions of Purchase.


They are able to compensate for shaft displacement caused by, as an example, inaccuracies in production, heat expansion, More information.

Hybrid bearings for electrical machinery. If we only consider the chemical nature of the thickener, lubricating greases fall into three major categories: On request, the terminal boxes can be supplied with drill holes, without cable glands. Notwithstanding any specific payment conditions provided for between the parties, the Seller reserves the right to require, caatlogue the event of a decline in the Client s credit rating, a payment incident or bankruptcy of the Client: Pleasants Company James M.

Torque motors direct drive technology Why Direct Drive Motors? Said GCS shall also apply to all quotation or offers made by the Seller, and are an integral part of all orders.

Winding industriee current flow Operation principle Cataloue They can be used both as vacuum pumps and compressors.

industrje In applications More information. Except in the event of a provision to the contrary, the Products shall always be transported at the risk of the addressee.

If this is not the case, variations in performance are significant and require the machine specification to be changed. Standard ISO requires the balancing method to be marked on the shaft extension as follows: C Regreasing intervals The chart opposite shows the regreasing intervals, depending on the type of motor, for standard bearing assemblies, operating at an ambient temperature of 25 C on a horizontal shaft machine.

Start display at page:. Conventions on shaft keys and related parts PLS motors comply with the standards quoted in this catalogue EN Degree of protection provided by the electrical housing against extreme mechanical impacts. If the load factor k R is greater than 1.


Leroy-Somer – Catalogue Industrie

Stationary field without slip rings for easy installation More information. SP fuse carriers with protected terminals SP fuse carriers with protected terminals www. The quantity of lubricant needed by a bearing is normally quite small.

On request, a second earth terminal can be fitted on the motor casing. It should however be noted that the above code list is not exhaustive and you should therefore refer to IEC for other designations.

The heaters must be switched off while the motor is running. For as long as the price has not been paid in full, the Client is required to inform the Seller, within twenty-four hours, of the sequestration, requisition or confiscation of the Products for the benefit of a third party, and to take all protective measures to make known the Seller s property right in the event of action by creditors, and to cause such right to be respected.

In no event shall the Client use, transfer, release, export or re-export the Products, related services or technology in violation of Trade Compliance Laws. No, there is no way to calculate the noise of More information. Totally enclosed squirrel cage three phase motors with cast iron frame Sizes 71 to0. Measurements were taken in conformity with standard ISO