Raw edge, moulded cogged datum length Ld = pitch length Lw. Further sizes are available on request optibelt VB – LC: V-Belts with Light Coloured Cover Fabric. OPTIBELT has manufactured – based on meanwhile far more For details of the upgraded/cast special belts please see our compact catalogue ā€˛Material. Catalogo Correas Optibelt Pdf Download. 1/3. Catalogo Correas Optibelt Pdf Download. 2/3. a4c8ef0b3e blazevideo hdtv player professional.

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Thesedrives make possible lower cost,lighter weight, more compactdrives. Unitizedbelt bonding and Neoprene rubbercompounds provide superior resist-ance to aging caused by wear, oil,heat, grease and harmful environ-mental factors. Synchro-Cog is recommended as areplacement for drives where chainand gear can present problems.

Catalogo Correas Tela Plyon Documents. The cord is coated witha special compound that produces a secure, long-lastingbond with the surrounding rubber to assure longer lifewithout separation problems. The Super IIputs an end to the constant, costlyproblem of replacing or re-tension-ing belts. Thepackage includes information about part numbers, pricing,horsepower capacity, warnings for drive limits, service factors,hub loads, bushings, diameters, center distance and tensioningin short, everything needed to design a maximum-efficiency drivesystem.

Provides greater shearresistance and loadcapacity on both sidesof the belt. Standard pack quantity is one unlessotherwise indicated. Designed to assuresmooth, positive meshing with pulleygrooves. Assures longer life whenreplacing existing wrappedwedge-type V-belts.


This quick-detachable taperedbushing is split through flange andtapered surface to provide a trueclamp that is comparable to ashrink fit.

Catalogo correas

Permits design of considerably smaller,more economical drive packages. The proven wedge configurationassures stability when heavy shockloads are encountered.

Scribd is the world’s largest social reading and publishing site. Lista de produtos Correias Published on Jul View Download Download “Correas industriales Correias industriais. While the Raw Edge lami-nated construction providesdrive efficiency, the plies of thelower section reduce beltaggressiveness a combina-tion that provides the key tocontrolled slippage under peakloads.

Instead of usingsets of individual belts,Wedge-Bands banded belt,with its patented reinforcedtop permanently bonds theindividual belts together. Providesgreater shear resistanceand load capacity oneach side. The bushings are stocked in all popular bore sizes, including metric bores,within the bore range for a particular bushing. Special static dissipatingcompounds provide improvedcrosswise belt rigidity and maxi-mum cord support in the cushionsection for smoother running beltoperation.

Providessuperb resistance to theelements for greater flexi-bility and extended life. Synchro-Cog Timing L L 33 When ordering twoor more Dry Can belts to be used asa matched set on the same drive,please specify that the belts must bematched as a set.

Gold Labels unique cogdesign permits flexibilitythat enables the belt tobend more easily aroundthe pulley. Cover fabric is bias-cut for stress relief, improved flexcharacteristics, and a smoother running, longer lasting belt. Additional ribs available on a MTO basis.

Specially formulated Neoprene rubber compounds, locatedbetween the cushion stock andcompression fabric, support cordsevenly and resists flex fatigue. Teeth in inches code Lbs. Its available in all3V lengths, 5V and 8V to inch-es. Results in better belt stability andfewer take-up adjustments. Part Number Pitch Length Wt.

  BWV 1062 PDF

Catalogo correas

Provides strength, highflex life and resistance to stretchfor added belt length stability. Specially developed cog configura-tion prevents slippage and endsvariations in speed. All orders will be shipped in a opitbelt of lengths, none less than 50 feet. Additional DimensionalInformationThis catalog contains the most com-monly requested dimensional infor-mation for identifying standardCarlisle replacement pulleys.

Thoro-Twist V-Belts can be made up to requiredlength, by hand, in seconds androlled onto the drive just like abicycle chain.

Multiple fabric plies, topand bottom, relievestress on the load carry-ing center cord foradded flexibility. Catalogo Correas Tela Plylon Documents. V-belts and timing belts from a German manufacturer.

Resilient the uniquely designedparabolic profile teeth containAble, an advanced polymer com-pound which optibekt both thestrength and abrasive resistance ofthe teeth. Because V-belts operate on the wedging principle, proper tensioning of v-belts is the single most important fac-tor necessary for long, satisfactory operation.

For complete bushing part number, include a dash and the bore size. You cancount on longer service life. Protects cog surfaces from wear. GoldLabel uses less powertoo.