Along the highways of Burma there is placed, at regular distances away from the dust of the road, and under the cool shade of a group of trees. Byways of Blessedness. This book was first published in James Allen described this as “A book for all. It aims to reveal the sublime principles which lie . Byways of blessedness By James Allen [James Allen] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Along the highways of Burma there is placed.

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Equal love towards all is the perfect law, the perfect state in which all lesser states find their completion. The Secret of Mental Magic Unabridged.

Nothing but the sacrifice of self can avail, and to this must all men come sooner or later during their spiritual evolution. When we thoughtlessly or callously inflict suffering or destroy, then our divine life becomes obscured, and its joy fades and dies.

Life is full of beginnings. In that state of calm, silent blessedbess, even forgiveness passes away, and is no longer needed, for he who has reached it sees no evil to resent but only ignorance and delusion on which to have compassion, and forgiveness is only needed so long as there is any tendency to resent, retaliate, and take offence. Must redeem within blessednses days.

You have come to your present state by degrees, and you can recover yourself by degrees, can reinstate reason and dethrone passion. Would you like us to take another look at this review? Why this tormenting anger against another and then this repentance and forgiveness?

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Only when such a man wakes up to the truth that his burdens are of his own making, that they are the accumulated effects of his own acts, will he cease from unmanly self-pity and find the better way of burden-dropping; only when he opens his eyes to see that his every thought and act is another brick, another stone, built into the temple of his life will he develop the insight which will enable him to recognise his own unstable handiwork, the blesseedness manliness to acknowledge it, and the courage to build more nobly and enduringly.

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Such a man will be gently in what he says and does, will blewsedness love and kindness in others, and not stir them up to ill-will and strife. Probably the commenest delusion in which men are involved is that of oc that what they themselves believe and think and do is good, and all that is otherwise is evil, and therfore to be powerfully condemned and resisted.

At what hour do you rise? Are you prepared to silently endure abuse, attack, accusation, and unkindness, refusing to pay back these in their own coin? As the ocean is composed of drops, the earth of grains, and the stars of points of light, so is life composed of thoughts and acts; without these, life would not be. There can be no peace for such a man, no true knowledge, and no advancement until he sacrifices his desire to bend others to his own way of thinking and acting.


It leads to or perfecting of life, for he bywzys thinks perfectly has abolished all unhappiness, his every moment is peaceful, his years are glessedness with bliss – he has attained to the complete and perfect blessednses.

There is no way to strength and wisdom but by acting strongly and wisely in the present moment, and each present moment reveals its own task.

The truly good and wise man condemns none, having put away all blind passion and selfishness he lives in the calm regions of love and peace, and understands all modes of sin, with their consequent sufferings and sorrows.

You will find that much happiness or unhappiness follows upon the right or wrong beginning of the day, and that, when every day is wisely begun, happy and harmonious sequences will mark its course, and life in its totality will not fall far short of the ideal blessedness. And who is it that is in the greatest need of sympathy?

Where is the burden which should cause unhappiness or sorrow? Burden-dropping consists in abandoning the inward selfishness blessednsss putting pure love in its place. Everything in the universe is made up of little things, and the perfection of the great is based upon the perfection of the small. No man would put a venomous snake in his pocket because it is prettily coloured. Remain silent, self-contained, and kindly disposed; and learn, by continual effort in right-doing, to have compassion upon the wrongdoer.

If it is so beautiful, so sweet, so peacful to get rid of all feelings of bitterness and to utterly and wholly forgive, would it not be still more beautiful and sweet and peaceful never to grow bitter at all, never to know anger, never to resent blessedhess evil the action of another, but always blessdeness live in the experience of that pure, calm, bywqys love which is known when an act of forgiveness is done, and all unruly passion towards another is put away?

Can fire quench fire?

Byways of Blessedness

But when it pf upon a fellow-man Let kindliness control it; and refrain From that belittling censure that springs forth From common lips like weeds from marshy soil. He will also be free from all fear concerning the actions of others towards him, for he who hurts none fears none.

Then there is a bywayys in which every day may be regarded as the beginning of a new life, in which one can think, act, and live newly, and in a wiser and better spirit. Most beginnings are small, and appear trivial and insignificant, but in reality they are the most important things in life.

Contribute to the Growth of the Library. Where does temptation assail you most strongly? Worry and anxiety only serve to heighten the gloom and exaggerate the magnitude of the difficulty. August 27, Imprint: The small is not merely the apologetic attendant of the great, it is its master and informing genius. No trivia or quizzes yet.


The criminal was a criminal no longer; he was saved, converted; clothed, and in his right mind; restored to humaneness and to humanity, and set firmly on the pathway to divinity by pitying and caring for a defenceless creature. New Thought Solutions Thrive! But though your impatience may hurt others it certainly hurts and wounds and impoverishes yourself most of all.

That which is difficult to a child presents no difficulty to the matured mind of the man; and that which to the mind of an unintelligent man is surrounded with perplexity would afford no ground for perplexity to an intelligent man.

Byways to Blessedness by James Allen – Read the Complete Text for free at

It is divine, for in its reciprocal light all thought of self is lost, and there remains only the pure joy of oneness with others, the ineffable communion of spiritual identity. Healthy Living on a Blessednes Farm. Humanity is one, and in the holy sanctuary of sympathy saint and sinner meet and unite.

Nor, when a man knows the unavoidable pain and hurt which lie hidden in wrong thoughts and acts, does he continue to think and commit them. Or, get it blessefness Kobo Super Points!

When a man driven by repeated sufferings to at last reflect upon his conduct, comes to see that his anger or lying, or whatever ignorant condition he may have been living in, is productive only of trouble and sorrow then he abandons it, and commences to search forand practise, the opposite and enlightened condition; and when he is firmly established in the better way, so that his knowledge of both conditions is complete, then he realises in what great darkness he had formerly lived.

To see others as they are you must not allow impulsive likes and dislikes, powerful prejudices, or egotistic considerations to come between you and them. Shakespeare through one of his characters says: You do not live your life in the mass; you live it in the fragments and from these the mass emerges. A man ascends into greatness as naturally and unconsciously as the plant evolves a flower, and in the same manner, by fitting, with unabated energy and diligence, every effort and detail in its proper place, thus harmonising his life and character without friction or waste of power.

He kept the mouse in an old boot in his cell, fed, tended, and loved it, and in his love for the weak and helpless he blessednss and lost his hatred for the strong.