Enriquecido con Aire o Nitrox buceo constantemente ganando popularidad entre los buceadores que desean maximizar su tiempo de fondo, minimizar sus. The NITROX course is the most famous PADI diving course in the world. Enriched air diving gives Buceo nocturno Especialidad PADI. ,00 € Add to basket. Estos sistemas son una ayuda para los instructores de buceo en el ámbito del Con la certificación de los compresores Nitrox de BAUER otorgada por el TÜV.

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That is why a course in which so pormenarizada the benefits and risks of diving with Enriched Air is evaluating is necessary. It means more time under water, especially in successive dives.

If you do two dives to 20 meters 66 feet with air buveo a one hour surface time, the no decompression limited bottom times will be 45 minutes and 24 min, respectively. All courses are PADI and include basic diving equipment, diving insurance and certification fee. Only logged in customers who have purchased this product may leave a review.

Myths and truths aboug diving on NITROX. We unveil the truth.

Theoretical multimedia content divided into two modules where you will learn:. Cpn ease of movement without a heavy tank on the back and a new feeling of buoyancy are enticing advantages of the program. The Dry Suit Niteox program will teach you how to select and properly use your personally fitted dry suit. The manual is included!! Fri March 14 Therefore, if your air consumption is not altered by using EANx instead of air, the duration of the dive will not become longer by the sheer fact of using EANx instead of air.


None of these factors have anything to do with O2 percentage contained in bucei mix. We offer a variety of materials to study at home for the Open Water Diver course.

This kind of diving is already common practice for a lot of wreck- and cave divers.

Deep Diving ubceo will provide you with the knowledge, skills, and experience required to make these types of dives safely and comfortably. It is not surprising that many divers choose it as their first specialty.

Zomm the area you are interested in and for temperature just move the thermometer. You can get it in the shop. The Search and Recovery program will teach you different search patterns for use in various conditions and the proper techniques to lift objects. You will also learn how to react properly when diving or snorkeling with sharks. Our tissues will absorb a lower amount of it, which possibly would give a lower feeling of weariness that we would have got, if we had breath air.

NITROX PADI Enriched air diving. Only Theory

There are two general types of Nitrox blends used for diving: You will do two dives with Enriched Air Nitrox so you can see for yourself the benefits of using these mixtures. Choose the relevant magnitude for your activity waves, wind on surface or altitudetemperaturerain, etc. Learn everything you need to know to be a successful underwater photographer!

This is especially the case when we are practicing successive dives. Uso de cookies Este sitio web utiliza cookies para que usted tenga la mejor experiencia de usuario.


Why is this speciality the most popular one among divers all around the world? These dives and exploring the past is exhilarating but there are some risks involved.

You can also get more info in the footer at the link” Where we are “.

NITROX Enriched Air Diving

To become a safe and confident diver, it is cob to develop an understanding of navigation. As a result, Nitrox divers should be sure to test the mix in their tank and observe the depth limitations associated with particular Nitrox mixes.

The PADI Open Water Diver course is the most famous diving course in the world and has hooked millions of people to the lifestyle of the scuba diving adventure. One of the first concepts that every diver learns practically from the beginning is that the nitrogen in the air becomes dangerous when compressed depth and breathed by the diver.

NITROX Enriched Air Diving

Add Adventure to compare successful. Yes, you read it correctly! Enriched Air or Nitrox diving is steadily gaining popularity among divers who want to maximize their bottom time, minimize their surface intervals and reduce cin fatigue often associated with making repetitive dives.

Exciting diving experiences await.