Briar Rose [Robert Coover] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Robert Coover’s many acclaimed works of fiction have established him as a. Briar Rose [Robert Coover] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. An award-winning fiction writer tells of a prince tangled in the briars. A tour de force that rings an astonishing series of changes on the familiar fairy tale of Sleeping Beauty. The prolific Coover (John’s Wife, p.

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Using an unusual plot and structure, Robert Coover examines archetypes of the fairy tale and its characters’ existence while the traditional story would be skipping ahead. The tale is retold many times with numerous variations on the theme. Would be an excellent teaching companion piece to “Madeleine is Sleeping”.

Maybe the whole charm of this book was lost on me. The action is repetitive and maybe Coover is showing how dull the genre can be. Wonderfully executed, perfect little tale.

Briar Rose by Robert Coover

Jan 20, Catherine rated it liked it Shelves: You feel as though all the characters are fighting against their archetypal nature. Home About I Write Things tumblr. Mar 14, Paul rated it liked it Shelves: Jun 12, Jamie Grefe rated it really liked it Shelves: What in the fucking fuck, right? It turns into borderline horror story, if I’m on the right track. The prolific Coover John’s Wife, p. During the summer of that year, he spent a month sequestered in a cabin near the Canadian border, where he studied the work of Fobert Beckett and committed himself to writing serious avant-garde fiction.

This time Coover turns the Sleeping Beauty myth into a disturbing hall of mirrors with vignette after vignette featuring a prince besieging a castle through a treacherous maze of thorns, the eternally snoozing princess sequestered in a tower above and the by turns good bdiar bad fairy that enchants the princess with a series of stories that tell troubling variations of the exact fable in which she slumbers through.


Inside contains a savage labyrinth of normal fairy-tale characters tormented by the demons of staying pure to one’s self but wanting to escape the Satan-like fairy who pulls the strings of endless horror.

The brothers Grimm simply allow the prince and the princess to live unproblematically till the end of their days. I feel like he wrote fifty three-page versions of the story and put them all together.

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The princess is caught in a dream, or is it real? All of this is rendered in a precise, vigorous, droll prose. Briar Rose is the name of the princess in Sleeping Beauty and the name of the Grimm brothers version of the story is Little Briar Rose. A century of collected menses alone should stagger the lustiest of princes.

Coover started with, is himself a part of the princess’s dreams, even as he imagines what she’d be like after a century of rest, all ”crumbling gown” and ”empty eye sockets. Robert Coover is one of the pioneering post-modernists rober started working in the 60’s and shows no signs of stopping It’s not a book you can read without rowe.

Between andCoover studied at the University of Chicago, eventually receiving his master’s degree in Like most of us, I grew up on Disney. May 04, Josh Friedlander rated it liked it. If you’ve made your way into Coover’s writing and are looking fo A cooved written rpse of Sleeping Beauty oddly retold in classic Coover fashion, which means we spin around the central characters, become caught up in the prick of a spindle, hacking our way through the briars, never able to make our way to the goal yet we persist, can’t help but persist.


Coover’s other books, the games he has played with sports and politics, the way he used a character named Richard Nixon as the narrator of his novel, ”The Public Burning” — those readers will know that nothing he writes will ever be easy.

So, brixr enough to wanting to sample Coover but not intrigued enough to get bogged down in a lengthy wedge of postmodern trickery, I opted for one of his novellas, Briar Rosea New York Times Notable Book of the Year, and a reimagining of the Sleeping Beauty tale. The story’s simplicity and thin veneer of reality rlbert jive with the way that the real world was just starting to reveal itself to your blooming mind.

Coover plays with and subverts the genre, but the question that occurs to me is; does he go far enough and rode only in one direction? There is no mystery or wonder in day to day life and so he almost dreads getting to the castle to wake her. Coover presents us a situational matrix. Will he ever arrive to provide the closure of a kiss?

Robert Coover: Briar Rose

The reviews seem mixed but in my opinion this is a beautiful book. It is a thin little book that eschews much mucking about. Prepares her body for the readiness of her prince.