Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud – Bring the insight, wisdom, and joy of the faeries into your the enchanted art of Brian Froud as your guide, enter. The Faeries Oracle is the most beautiful deck I have ever seen. Given to me by my mother, they are simply not like a regular tarot or oracle deck. Brian Froud (the . How the Faeries’ Oracle Came To Be. Many years ago, Brian Froud was inspired with the idea of making a faery-based tarot deck. But then, when he begin.

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Our customer reviews This oracle set is absolutely beautiful! And when reading for others, the book interpretations are spot on. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. His work is beautiful. Feels like my kind aunt is teaching me to be a witch: Good morning and thank you so much for this reading, funny thing, because I am reading a book: Recognizing the paradox helps more us closer to a solution for it, but the information or experience we need to resolve it is not yet available to us.

May 25, Henrietta rated it it was amazing. froid

Faeries Oracle

I cannot stress this enough. So faeeries looking at the stars, observing the state of the sky, and listening to the wind. I’m giving this book two stars because what the author writes is very much at odds with what Froud has said about Faeries. I developed techniques for teaching an unorthodox, Otherworld-style of reading oracles, including the tarot.

The Faeries’ Oracle by Brian Froud. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. The third and final part focuses on extra techniques that can be used to enhance the experience of oracld a reading, including meditation, grounding, centring, how to read for yourself vs. Price may vary by retailer. You may be feeling upside down right now, ill at ease, anxious. Want to Read saving…. My 8-year-old knew right away they weren’t real pictures, and was shocked I thought they could be real.


Even so it’s a master piece and daeries to be rated as one. Add to Cart Add to Cart.

How the Faeries’ Oracle Came to Be – by Jessica Macbeth

You are faerids using your Facebook account. The trick here is to avoid becoming bogged down by this. Ah, Mr Froud, your work is so beautiful! You are commenting using your WordPress.

I couldn’t paint the beings who wanted to be in the deck in a way that would even begin to do them justice. Not being a person of faith, I find the idea of having a “fairy” guide me far superior to having an “angel” guide me.

Feb 27, Catarina rated it really liked it. We are all full of it -and the more we are true to our own nature, the more we have access to our own magic. But meanwhile, I continued to think about such a deck – who would need to be be represented in it, how it would work, and how it would differ from the standard tarot. You are commenting using your Twitter account. Not being a person of faith, I find the ide This book is actually part of a kit.

My daughter was as enchanted by the artwork on this set, as I was back in when I got my set and oracel I still am to this day The Faeries’ Oraclecalls on sylphs, pans, gnomes — and, of course, faeries — to lead you on a delightful journey of adventure, discovery, and enlightenment frpud will illuminate the future and heal the heart and soul.


I’m happy to say that I own at least three copies of this fine set and have gifted severa more. Brian Froud is the artist but the text is by Jessica Roacle I highly recommend this Not only is the artwork beautiful but Jessica’s prose is both enlightening and entertaining and more than a fasries bit fae My only previous oracle book was the I Ching.

Frouf Froud is an award-winning illustrator, author, and faery authority.

Archangel Oracle ~ Divine Guidance

Fantasy illustrator Brian Froud is known far and wide for his imaginative drawings of the faefolk and other mystical beings, having published quite an amount of illustrative briam on those subjects already.

If you are not in ftoud habit of seeing the good in the bad and the bad in the good, having preferred a black and white world rather than one with colours, you may need some help in learning to do this well.

Faeries’ Oracle By Brian Froud. They are beautifully done and presented in a great hard cover book and quality cards. Jun 10, Seregon rated it it was amazing.

Oh there is a whole new world out there!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now when we are out in Nature, or my back yard, she is always telling me to watch out for the fairies….