The compactplus integrates the latest technological advances whilst maintaining simplicity and reliability through maintaining the proven robustness of the. Service Manual Perfusor® compact, german . B. Braun also recommends training on the Technical Safety. Checks, or to perform at least . Perfusor® compact S satisfies all safety stan- dards for medical electrical .. Syringe Type. B. Braun. Code No1). Cat. No.2). Min. Vol.3). [ml]. Max. Rate4). [ml/ h].

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Maintenance 6 – 2 Maintenance The unit compavt maintenance-free. Page 26 Is the service cable connection okay? Table and free type Fig.: Page 32 Service Program Note Please pay attention to the notes given with the staff call cable. B BraunPumps Tags: Open lock drive head. Checks after Repair Operation 1. Instructions for use, complete Language: E-Module as operating and control unit 3.

Perfusor® compact

Syringe fastening Check function with OPS 50 ml syringe. Page 42 Unit Elements Fig.: The error code of the control microprocessor compach be queried with the F button. Don’t have an account? Fundamental Repair Information If the battery pack is used, then the device is to be switched on with line connection. Enter the user number 0 upon query.


Braun Perfusor Compact Transportable Infusion Syringe Pump Dispensing | eBay

Original peffusor equipment can be calibrated at the works of B. Approved Software Versions 2 – 6 Software Approved Software Versions The software and hardware revision level is displayed on the LC- Position 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 display when the unit is switched on. E-module Unit Elements 4. Got it, continue to print. Further information is available upon request.

Insert syringe size board. Ops Manual Tech Manual Brochure. Version number of service program [Version 5.

Perfusor® compact S

This manual has compaft completely revised. Page 52 Unit Elements 4. Drive unit, consisting of drive board with the complete sensor technology, light Check whether the free type was marked on the unit please see syringe table. Page 34 Service Program Alarm Tone 1. Battery Compartment Cover Unit Elements 4.

Is the MFC correctly connected? The easy-to-learn and easy-to-program system includes built-in error reduction software and a medication library accommodating both hard and soft limits, large navigational arrows and a screen that remains visible in any light condition.

Service Program Alarm Tone 1. Page 20 Software For your notes: To uninstall the service program incl. Pump continues to deliver at Note Pay attention to spring when removing the housing cover. Syringe Holder Unit Elements 4. The 50 ml syringe symbol is bgaun. Changed manual structure New software A-module Unit Elements 4.


Sketch the cable layout. Draw up a 50 ml OPS syringe to 6 ml and insert syringe. Open syringe holder, an alarm is triggered. Enter rate and actuate the Start button to start delivery. Check unit for cleanliness, completeness, damage and faults affecting safety. Is syringe selection set to “free type”, but “free type” Length calibration F5 The position of perdusor prealarm light barriers and the drive end is determined by length calibration.

Page 53 Unit Elements Note Defective batteries must be disposed perfhsor according to the regulations, e.

Setting Off Additional notes and warnings are set off as follows Page 81 11 – 4 Revision Documentation Title page and pages preceding main body Page 3 – Drive head housing Cap for drive head housing 4. Mount scraper ring and axial positioner and screw down drive. Transfer data to device via menu item F7.

Check push-button sensor alarm. All measured values are to be documented.