Here you can download and print out user manuals for Bosch power tools, not only for current tools but also for tools that are no longer available on the market. Royzee: Ok, It sounds like the lock has broken. This has a solenoid in it which keeps the door locked for several minutes after the final spin. Genuine BOSCH WASHING MACHINE Spares Parts, Every Part, Every Model, Search more then Appliance Parts, Free Delivery WFBAU

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It also describes information tools available at eReplacementParts. There are bearings on both the arbor shaft and on the motor armature.

If you have any play where the bearings seat I would think that would be the cause of your problems.

Bosch 4000 (0601476139) Table Saw Parts

I did some bearing replacement 6 months ago, saw ran ok. A lot of these parts comes from China and their quality control seems to be up and down on stuff like this.

It doesn’t make a noise when turned on. I’ve read through the advice below and most people think the speed control is the problem. The problem with the blue sparks and the bodch going up and down along with burning brushes out would suggest that there is a short in the commutator on the armature.


I was hoping that all you had to do was take the blade off and take the four screws off of the motor and it would slide out: Please help me, which parts do I replace? You are going to have to remove the item number 29 Bearing bracket, it also holds the armature in the Gear Housing. So far so good.

BOSCH WASHING MACHINE Parts | BigWarehouse Spares

Generally one cut on the side of the race and you can fwb the race off with your fingers. Definitely expensive, but it could be a worthwhile repair. The field is the weak link on this tool. Is it the control module? I want to make sure this is 0400 right rod and that I can change it myself. Diagnosing Electric Power Tools This article is a troubleshooting guide for problems and malfunctions common to most electric power tools.

I tried blowing it out but didn’t solve the prob. Could the controlled be bad out of the box?

I took it apart and realized the rear bearing was corroded. Is there a higher quality motor that can replace the exsisting one? Not very good news. Motor is a different story.

There are no wires that are hanging loose or anything, but you need to jiggle the wire where it goes into the motor to make it go for a second or two. I re-set the switch on the consumer unit, and when I re-started the saw it now only turns backwards and at approximately half speed!!!


Bosch WFB Series; Homark; Siemens WM Series Drain Pump Base & Filter Housing (220V-240V, 50Hz, 30W)

They are part numbers and Bosch Tablesaw Nikel. To see if the bearings on the armature have any movement in either of them.

I would spend the money on the Field. Hi Brian, Smoke from the motor is not a good sign.

bosch wfb Questions & Answers (with Pictures) – Fixya

My saw suddenly stopped working partially through ripping a 2×4. I still believe you got a bad speed control. I assume I have to remove the locking lever to get access to the screws Hi Dou, It sounds like you have a bad armature.

I could not figure out if you had to take the saw off the stand or take all the components that raise the blade up or down off as well. Bad newsif you’ve used it for any period of time with a siezed bearing you probally melted the plastic housing that the bearing sits in and that will probally have to be replaced also.

Hi Joseph, I would suspect the problem to be the speed control. Thanks for your help.