Book of Proof. (5 reviews). Richard Hammack, Virginia Commonwealth University . Pub Date: ISBN Publisher: Independent. Book of Proof has ratings and 11 reviews. David said: Playing with Numbers22 June – Sydney Well, what do you know, a university textbook that. This free book is an introduction to the language and standard proof methods of mathematics. – free book at

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Thus, I would say it does a very nice job of both introducing students to proof and to intro number theory and combinatorics. From the complete beginner as in my case, I only had highschool algebra with some non-rigorously, self-taught compsci to the more proficient, if you don’t feel confident with proofs, Hammack has your back. Students, who were expected to read considerable sections of the text before coming to class also reported that the text was very good and they liked that the price was right!

Relations, Functions and Cardinality. Table of Contents Chapter 1: This book is, honestly, my first encounter with a thorough introduction to rigorous reasoning and argumentation.

This book is by far one of the best, if not, the best introduction to mathematical reasoning.

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack

While spending a few hours reading the book, I did not find any inaccuracies. If you like books and love hwmmack build cool products, we may be looking for you.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. Comments I really enjoy this book and love that it is free for my students. Many students might know how to prove theorems or solve equations, but might not use correct mathematical notation. The book is quite clear in explaining the various topics covered, particularly when it comes to set theory and basic proof techniques.


Book of Proof by Richard Hammack. The text is very easy to navigate, and there are no issues with the PDF files. The proving techniques are the cornerstones to mathematics.

Book of Proof – Open Textbook Library

Your bookstore will need to know that the book is distributed by Ingram. Refresh and try again. Getting over that, I’m assuming anyone who would look at this book would hamack what to expect from it. Any problem with this book or download?

Book of Proof by Richard Hammack – Download link

I also wish critical exercises to understanding that richarrd be done were starred or something. Book Description This book is an introduction to the language and standard proof methods of mathematics. The book ends with additional topics in relations, functions, and cardinality of sets. Questions of this nature belong to the theoretical realm of mathematics.

As a book used to transition students to upper level mathematics, this book does a very nice job of calling out mathematical language norms and writing prlof. Some instructors might see a lack of an introduction to delta-epsilon arguments as a weak point.

Book of Proof

Most of rixhard proofs in this book should be accessible to a middle grade school student. Any redundancy, especially in terms of definitions, can be useful to preserve modularity.

Luis Cota rated it really liked richagd Jul 17, And, it’s open source, which means it is not only free the author’s website is a google away but also remixable – meaning, you are free to create and distribute your own version of the text under a rixhard commons license http: The approach in teaching the various proof outlines is especially relevant to novice proof-writers, particularly in Chapter 4 where illustrations show a proof being constructed, step by step, from the outline.


I skipped the chapter on combinatorics and have not used those examples in the proofs so far. It is because this theorem is true that your answer is correct.

This book is an introduction to the standard methods of proving mathematical theorems. This text has been used in classes at: It lays a foundation for more theoretical courses such as topology, analysis and abstract algebra.

Then, the book moves on to standard proof techniques: On the second role, the book lacks a sense of what the major might expect out of a mathematics degree and so when I use this book in a course I normally assign a cheap Dover secondary text for this purpose, along the lines of Ian Stewart’s “Concepts of Modern Mathematics,” the chapters of which naturally complement those of this text.

Yeah, I remember the last time I was at Uni and the most expensive aspect of it was the books well, yes, the fees, but the government technically pays for that.

I maintain a list of known adoptions here. Preview — Book of Proof by Richard Hammack. Lauri Tuomaala rated it it was amazing Mar 25, At rcihard job, it is the best book available. Numerous examples are intertwined with introduction of concepts and thoughtful exercises echo the themes of each section.

I’ve asked my students if they find the book useful and many have said they rely heavily on it. I feel hanmack giving 5 stars to a book about proofs.