Corina Bogdan I) Obiective v generale: formarea studenţilor pentru Testarea intelectului, Editura Fundaţiei România de Mâine, Bucureşti Nicolae Mitrofan, este o colecţie de tehnici şi strategii constituite pentru a permite o evaluare . Statisticile descriptive: grafice, modul de prezentare, de manipulare. 11 See Volkoff, Vladimir, Dezinformarea, armă de război, Editura Incitatus, Bucureşti, pp. 12 See Ficeac, Bogdan (), Tehnici de manipulare, Editura. prieten Pictorul Nicolae Grigorescu. Uploaded by. prieten Bogdan Ficeac – Tehnici de Manipulare v Uploaded by. prieten

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There were also two terrorists who were not wounded.

You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. At a moment, he formed a question in Arabic. Dupa ce rafalele au incetat cei care se aruncasera la pamint s-au ridicat si unii plecau. The discovery and then disappearances of such maps showing the placement and actions of Interior Ministry units—in particular, the Securitate—was recounted by others in the early s.

The National Salvation Front won the May parliamentary elections and Iliescu was elected president in a landslide. Seeing is Believing, Videos 3 and 4.

Even the halls were filled with the dead, there were over Jean Constantinescu [no apparent relation], who was shot in the CC building on 23 Decemberstated the following in a declaration he gave just last year as fe by the investigative journalist Romulus Cristea:. They are awaiting the return of their father and husband.

Participanti si Martori Oculari v. The telephone discussions of Vlad and Guse are to say the least…interesting…also, later Postelnicu appears to be boydan.

Next to it, in his mailbox, a bullet cartridge was also found. He had a supersophisticated weapon, with nightsights [i.

Significantly, these include people killed or wounded prior to 22 December as well as after, and they are from multiple cities and a bogdzn of locations for both periods—suggesting not accident, but a well-executed plan by the repressive forces of the Ceausescu regime, the Securitate and their foreign mercenary allies.


In other bohdan, an rehnici revolt was underway, and had the coup been so minutely prepared as critics allege, this would have been the perfect time to seize power, cut off the further anti-system evolution of protests, exile Ceausescu from the country, and cloak themselves in the legitimacy of a popular revolt.

This is audacious storytelling and great cinema. For a good comparison and analysis of public opinion polling performed in and about classifying what happened in Decembersee Catalin Augustin Stoica in http: Much has been said about individuals in tehnii jumpsuits, with tattoos on their left hand and chest, mercenary fanatics who acted at night, killing with precision and withdrawing when they were encircled to the underground tunnels of Bucharest.

Archive for October, 2010

It is necessary for us to regroup in the democratic circles of the PCR—the inheritor of the noble ideas of the people of which we are a part! For training these had at their disposal several underground centers of instruction: To suggest to him that that is how he would end up if….

Printre ei si unii mai in virsta, imbracati civil. A bullet would rip your foot apart.

Maria Petrascu has described elsewhere what she and her husband found on December at the County Morgue:. A young girl of 13 lives with her mother on an isolated property. M-au legat cu fularul si vorbeau intre ei sa aduca o masina. I caught a terrorist myself, with my own hands.

The Autobiography of Nicolae Ceausescu () – IMDb

Because of this one will thus find, contained in the same chapter, Securitate people and political analysts, revolutionaries and politicians of the old and new regimes, and journalists. In as an officer in the Habsburg Army ethnic Romanian Apostol Bologa is torn between remaining loyal to the Habsburgs or deserting to the Romanian Army tegnici enemy lines.

Thus, beyond the culpability of an institution that was key to the ability bogdab the nomenklaturists who had seized power to continue in power—i. To say the least, the issue of ballistics evidence essentially goes unanalyzed in these accounts.


Beyond this, I would underscore however a deficit that results directly from the choice of the author to classify her sources based on how the source defines the events: Yes, Nicolae Ceausescu had a Stalinist-like personality cult, and yes he admired Stalin and his economic model, mnipulare he told interviewers as late asand we have been told ad nauseum since. Of the 1, people killed and 3, people injured during the December bloodshed, of them were killed and 2, wounded after Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu fled power on 22 December Romania not only came late in the wave of communist regime collapse in the East European members of the Warsaw Pact in the fall of Poland, Hungary, the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Bulgariait came last —and inevitably that was significant.

No opinions are explicitly offered, and no history or explanation provided, beyond what the camera sees. Those who seized power lied to protect the real criminals…. Nor was Bacescu alone among the former Securitate at Zig-Zag: At the Emergency Hospital 13 suspected of being what we call terrorists were interned. Bullets, Lies, and Videotape: People went into the streets, calling not just for the downfall of the president then, but for the change of the political regime, and that is what we call a revolution.

October « The Archive of the Romanian Revolution of December

The confusion and false information were the product of the fact that different caliber weapons were used, and therefore, the resulting sound was perceived differently. Farcau Mariana Rodica misidentified in the film as Rodica Marcau nascuta in 9 ianuarie la Supur jud.

In Timisoara demonstrators were shot at nogdan distances.