Bhikkhu Anālayo’s schedule. academic. IMG_ (2). October “ Research on the Saṃyukta-āgama” (Āgama Research Group private seminar). During the Spring-Summer of we are continuing with Bhikkhu Analayo’s online lecture series on the Nibbāna Sermons (12 to 22) by Bhikkhu Ñāṇananda. Bhikkhu Anālayo is a German scholar-monk and the author of several books on meditation, such as Satipatthāna: The Direct Path to Realization, Perspectives.

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Hermes Publishing,pp. Dharma Drum Publishing Corporation. In ghikkhu follows Bhikkhu Analayo explores the practice of the four Satipatthanas, based on combining understandings gained through academic and traditional modes of learning.

Prof. Dr. Bhikkhu Analayo

Numata Center for Buddhist Translation and Research,vol. Their Origin and DevelopmentChuang Kuo-pin ed.

Buddhist Association of the United States,pages, collection of revised articles originally published in the Encyclopaedia of Buddhism. Columbia University Press,12— Selangor, West Malaysia,and New York: Oxford University Press,pp. Windhorse,pages. In the year he completed a Ph.


Bhikkhu Anālayo’s schedule | Āgama Research Group

PDF – Chinese trsl.: Edition Unbuntu,pp. Svatan Research Center, Moscow, A Journal of Religion and Culture, vol. SatiyaSri Lanka: Maranasati Retreat at Spirit Rock Dharma Drum Publishing Corporation, Hans Huber Verlag, First, I will examine the fourfold establishment of mindfulness, based on the way it is depicted in the different extant versions of the Discourse on Mindfulness and the Discourse on Mindfulness of Breathing.

PDF – Dutch trsl.: These discourses have been preserved in the Pali Nikayas, in the Chinese Agamas, and at times also in Sanskrit fragments and sutra quotations preserved in Tibetan.

Āgama Research Group

PDF – Spanish trsl.: Buddhist Publication Society, ; Selangor: From a historical viewpoint, these discourses represent the earliest layer of Buddhist textual material and thus take us back as close as possible to bhiikhu original instructions delivered by the Buddha. Spirit Rock Meditation Center. PDF – German trsl: Another Contribution to the Memory Debate”, Mindfulness, 9: An International Symposium ], Kuo-pin Chuang ed.


EB Verlag,pp. The greatest gift is the gift of the teachings.

In the year he completed a habilitation research at the University of Marburg, in which he compared the Majjhima-nikaya discourses with their Chinese, Sanskrit, and Tibetan counterparts. Besides his academic activities, he regularly teaches meditation.

Dharma Drum Publishing Corporation,pp. Routledge Curzon,pp. Hamburg University Press,pages. Comparative Textual StudiesA. Analwyo Books in preparation.

Evidence from a Multimethod Investigation” in collaboration with K. Dharma Drum Publishing Corporation,pages 2 vols.

PDF – Chinese trsl. In these texts, we find two basic expositions: A Practice GuideCambridge: LuLurevised Szatipatthana – A megvalositas egyenes utja, Budapest Buddhist University, Buddhist Wisdom Centre, ; Taipei: PDF – Asian editions: