Made in Italy. Bezzera is an Italian company, exporting authentic Made in Italy around the world. All of the production phases, from assembly to final inspection, . Find great deals for Bezzera BZ02 Espresso Machine. Shop with confidence on eBay!. I read your review and am glad you are happy with the Bezzera, information has been somwhat sparse on this machine but growing. As you.

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Bezzera BZ02 Espresso Machine

Content, code, and images may not be reused without permission. I would be curious to know if other Bezzera owners have experienced this line-kinking problem.

I’ve looked at the manual and there is no mention of trouble shooting that. Posted Mon Oct 8, bezxera, 2: Anyone can post photos in their new topics or replies. I ordered the non-plumbed-in version on March 1 and haven’t gotten the delivery yet. The brewhead will run about 10F to 15F too cool on idle. Usage of this website signifies agreement with our Terms and Conditions. I’m sure I could butcher is off, but I don’t know how to remove it so it will re-attached and seal properly again.

I’m having trouble getting good crema from my coffee, I’m letting it warm up for approx 10mins maybe this bfzzera not quite long enough. Posted Tue Apr 10,3: Who can change or delete posts? Do purchase some freshly cooked beans,such a great step forward albeit with consistent technique,takes bezzwra to get these great shots,with your beaut machine,you’re almost there.

Would certainly help to get it checked out. Buy the best one you can.


Then it is secured by an inch or two of clear tape. Help support this site by using our Amazon affiliate link next time you shop! First off, get a deeper basket — the LM ebzzera are apparently best for this machine — the Bezzera baskets are very shallow and sensitive to overloading.

Charity supporting coffee farming communities in Central America. Why do you think the “thermostat” isn’t working? You want to get all the stainless steel off the TOP part of the machine, excluding the front where all the buttons are and the rear panel behind the water reservoir.

I have a extremely old Bezzera with similar operational proformance and it heats in just five minutes,super clean inside though. As you likely already know, it is the Livia 90 guts in a different shell. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Anyone can post photos in their bezzfra topics or replies. Professional Posted Wed Apr 11,8: Who can change or delete posts? I highly recommend that you invest in a bottomless portafilter for you machine if you do not have one yet Posted Wed Apr 11,8: Does the ferrule screw apart or is it just a friction fit?

Project that to the Bezzera: I agree with your comments that the shot was not as good as it could be and appreciate some of your tips. B02 registered CoffeeGeek member can post new topics. When I purchased my Bezzera BZ02 espresso machine, I noticed that my portafilter “sneezed” a lot – almost every shot.

The cooling flush may only take 3 to 6 seconds — all bezzerz water dance stuff described for the E61 machines does not apply. Bezzera BZ02 not relieving grouphead pressure portafilter sneeze. For my work’s staff room machines,I don’t hesitate Hoping it was not a sticking solenoid could be pricy to replaceI unplugged the machine, removed the water reservoir.


As you re-enter this amazingly complicated world, read this thread…. Yes sorry, its the pressurestat. How many grams came out and for how long in seconds? Thanks to Bezzrea in advance for the awards and making this a possibility.

Feed the newbs, starve the trolls and above all enjoy what you drink! A flexible metal spring cold be lid over the nylon hose to avoid kinks. No cross posting allowed – do not post your topic to more than one forum, nor repost a topic to the same forum. I mispoke before thinking this was one of the commercial 1-group machines with a liter boiler.

Any CoffeeGeek member can edit their own posts.

Is it not getting hot at all? Where abouts are you based in Bris?

BZ02 – BEZZERA – PDF Catalogs | Documentation | Brochures

It should take several seconds for the first drops bz20 espresso to appear, and you should see a lot more crema see below. Posted April 10, link Jeff makes some excellent points. I can see the two wires but where the button is, I just can’t seem to see it.

Originally Posted by doody Bravi Posted Tue Apr 16,6: I’ve googled, and looked on a bunch of forums, but no luck, I can not seem to find a review of this machine. Bezzeta is a seperate device mounted to the boiler.