Thinker with the components, experiment with the magnets, coil, batteries, transistor etc. Bedini already masters all these variables thus don’t expect a miracle. Beautiful NEW Bedini SSG Bicycle Wheel Energizer Monopole Motor Kit comes with full wound coil and 7 transistor circuit with matched components fully tested. Animation of the Bedini `SSG´ Circuit. The Bedini “Simple School Girl´s” circuit is so named because it was constructed by Shawnee Baughman.

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Try also an auto parts store.

Shipping weight is 30 pounds. Next I ran another diode from the collector of the transistor and connected that to a pair of 12 volt 7 Ah batteries. Adjust the potentiometer until both light bulbs glow at the same brilliance. Copper with high voltage coating. Save On Home Energy. This is for experimental use only and does not carry a warranty. John Bedini made this and many more ingenious devices, check his websitethe energeticforum.

Then we must learn how batteries work in general and how they relate to this system. Now measure the power in joules or watt-sec that you took out of the secondary battery. Voltages produced by a blocking oscillator can be enormous and many hundred volts are readily achievable.


The SSG is not a conventional motor, but primarily a mechanical oscillator that triggers a signal so that a battery bank will become charged.

Material needs to be non-metallic, non-magnetic, and adequately sturdy. Usually come packaged in 5 or This is why we emphasize following instructions and progressing naturally. ssb

Single coil Bedini motor charging 4 batteries w no current increase

Put a digital volt meter across the resistor and note the voltage levels during the discharge time. Will send one free sample. Shipping weight is 3 pounds. Kobara February 4, Reply. A pulse from a magnet on the wheel triggers the transistor. There is a great temptation to use different parts because they are beeini hand, or to try and improve upon the system.

Only an insignificant amount of conventional charging could take place with the arrangement in the schematic circuit diagram.

John Bedini Simplified School Girl basic plans

As is well known, the flow of current through the coil is reversed when the turns are cut by the lines of force associated with the opposite poles of the magnet.

The brains John Bedini made this and many more ingenious devices, check his websitethe energeticforum. No need to do anything but the simple SSG setup.

When the machine is properly built and tuned, by measuring with conventional meters we will see more energy leaving the receiving battery via a constant load than entered it. Proximity sensor to PWM.


Medium Resolution Video of the Presentation for high speed: Only after we notice two different kinds of energies involved in the process can we carefully distinguish and manipulate them for practical advantages in powering various loads.

Instead of looking ebdini the battery that powers the system, we look at the charging battery and measure its inputs and outputs over the charge and discharge cycle. The second purpose is to investigate some of the advantages in this charging method over conventional methods.

Later entries will explore some design considerations to improve system performance and efficiency. Materials List The following is sg list of materials that may be necessary to replicate the Bedini School Girl circuit and motor as presented in this guide.

I would not get in the habit of taking the battery asg to The motor seems to be in tune with the larger Ah golf cart batteries because the new batteries do not have any effect on the system. If there is, report the measurement from your analog meter. Home About Us Testimonials F.