Antoine Béchamp maintained that disease developed in the presence of an unhealthy environment caused by an unbalanced state in the body. Pasteur and Bechamp disagreed greatly about the true cause of illness. Ultimately Pasteur’s ideas were accepted by society, but are they accurate?. Pasteur versus Béchamp e a Teoria dos germes provocando doenças. Louis Pasteur Vs Pasteur’s main theory is known as the Germ Theory Of Disease. It.

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One would think acupuncturists would clean the skin before needle insertion, but a review of skin disinfection for acupuncture states: Rife reasoned that there was a viral form in the bacteria that survived the beam because it had a different frequency. Discoveries were being made about fundamental issues, but in a piecemeal fashion. Thus, Bechamp and then his unwitting supporter, Rife, geniuses of the caliber of Copernicus, Galileo and Paster, were rubbed into obscurity.

February 02, Published: In most cases, however, their work has subsequently been given a deserved measure of recognition.

An interesting corollary to microzymian principle is the idea presented by Margulis et al. In particular, sections of the chiropractors, the non-medically trained homoeopaths and naturopaths tend to bevhamp their clients against immunization.

Antoine Béchamp – Wikipedia

Everything was destroyed, records confiscated, and every practitioner possessing a unit was pursued and forced to surrender it as illegal. The benefit to science and society is highly speculative and frequently negative. Read pastuer book, SuperLifefor more on preventing disease states in the body and how to eat foods that leave you fit, healthy, and eternally awesome! This, accordingly, assures complete absence of drag and inertia.


“It’s just a theory”

I am particularly drawn to one of the conclusions: Douglas HE Bechamp or Pasteur? Pastekr are not necessarily the cause of disease in their world view. Now, when that portion of the spectrum is reached in which both the organism and the color band vibrate in exact accord with one another, a definite, characteristic wavelength is emitted by the organism.

Since we do not die young of infections and we get to live long enough to die of cancer, heart and vascular disease. It is a matter of perspective, much like looking at a tapestry.

The food we eat can help create a healthy, disease-free life — a SuperLife. It is only when their health starts to decline due to personal neglect and poor lifestyle choices that they become paxteur to infections. Which would have benefited the human bcehamp, irrespective of this tremendous thing that he built which we call the Rife ray machine. Naturopathic care is associated with a case of prosthetic valve endocarditis with P.

I note chiropractic schools offer microbiology, and again I wonder why. Instagram Facebook News Letter Contact. How much more foolhardy is it then, when vaccinal microzymas are not only from another species, but are already morbidly evolved and are accompanied by preservatives, formaldehyde, and other chemicals?


My job is simple: Recall that Bechamp said the chemist would identify microzymas by their function. Here was a man showing people, showing doctors, these paster of many different kinds of diseases, especially those three deadly ones-TB, polio and cancer.

The cell is an aggregate of a number of minute beings having an independent life, a separate natural history. Acupuncture is unique compared to most alternative practices in that it is invasive and because acupuncturists actually do something to accomplish nothing.

South African Journal of Science.

Instead disease-causing germs are actually opportunistic, thriving in people whose bodies have a weakness or imbalance internally. Though she is discussed in the main text, she deserves another mention pasteuur a key figure who also faced suppression-the stress of being made invisible-by the sciomeds power structure of scientific medicine.

The equipment was just exactly right; his study was just wonderful. But there is no profit in growing your own food and nourishing and healing your body through nutritional choices.