Indies, by Bartolome de las Casas This eBook is for the use of anyone PROJECT GUTENBERG EBOOK DESTRUCTION OF THE INDIES ***. “A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies,” by Bartolome de Las Casas Las Casas was not the only clerical voice that criticized Spanish imperialists. A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas. No cover available. Download; Bibrec.

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Inafter Las Casas first wrote the chronicle later known as A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indiesduring the hearings ordered by Charles I of Spain to resolve issues of forceful conversion and colonial exploitation of Indians, Las Casas presented the account before the members of the Council of the Indies as proof of atrocities committed upon Indians by colonial authorities.

In another Village, whose Inhabitants seem’d to be more vigilant, by reason of the horrid iniquities which, as they heard, the Spaniards were wont to commit, they put all to the sword, young and old, little and great, Lord and subject, sparing none that came in their way.

There being a certain Christian who went about to defile a virgin, her mother interposed her self, and would have taken the daughter from him; the Spaniard drawing forth his dagger, cut off her hand, and afterwards slew the virgin, because she would not give consent to his lustful desire.

A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies Summary & Study Guide

The purpose of A Short Account of the Destruction of the Indies was to convince the King of Spain to take action on the mistreatment of the indigenous people of the Americas.

They sold them also against all justice; only because Lucayans were most skillful swimmers. This is also a known thing, that they never do transport Indians from these places, but in their voyage they do pay the third part of them as a tribute to the waves, besides those that are murdered in their own houses. Why have you told us so many untruths, promising so faithfully to us that the Spaniards should not come into our Country?

A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas

In these Provinces in the Bay of Coderat, there was a City, the Lord of which was called Higueroto, a name common either cssas the persons, or to the officers of the place. For the slaughters, massacres, cruelties, devastations of Countries, destructions of Cities, violences, tyrannies, and rapines of the Spaniards, which they did commit in these so many several and so large Kingdoms, are so numberless, and strike the mind with such a horror, that those which we have before related, are nothing in respect of these which we are to relate, being all perpetrated in the year Francis, who began to talk to him of God and of the Articles of our Faith, telling him, that the small respire which the Executioner gave him was destrucgion for him to drstruction sure his salvation if he believed.

All these things were done, the Tyrant himself beholding and consenting; and not only so, but they oppressed them and continually abused them with stripes and blows of their canes and fists, leaving als cruelty unexercised toward them.

His Steward in times of peace kill’d many Indians, burning some, and casting other to his dogs, cutting off others hands, legs, and heads, that thereby their minds being totally subjected they should never deny where their Gold or treasure lay hid. This Kingdom was govern’d by Guarionex, who had under his jurisdiction as his vassals, Lords and Governors so potent, that every one of them was able to bring into the field casaz the service of Guarionex, above Sixteen thousand men apiece.

The Captain made answer, that he would not receive them, and that moreover he would kill them all unless they would declare whither their Lords were fled: This King commanded his subjects that they should present to the Spaniards a bell full of Gold, which when they were not able to do by reason that the people had tue little skill how to dig out the Gold, he thereupon commanded them to present the Spaniards with as much as they could fill.

Another Kingdom was called Marien, where there is a port at one end of the plain that looks toward the North, being larger and more fertile then the Kingdom of Portugal, and which very well deserves to be better peopled; for it abounds with Mountains wherein are great store of Gold Mines.


Which being understood by the neighbors, they were detsruction struck restruction astonishment. For the Indians call them Yaes, which in their language signifies Devils. While the Spaniards were hunting after if Indians with their dogs, they met with an Indian Caass, who being sick and seeing that she was not able to escape them, taking a rope hang’d her self, hanging also her childe of a year old about her waste by the feet; but the dogs immediately fell upon the childe, only he was baptized by a religious person before he died.

Whereupon the Indians desisted from doing any thing more until he had entered into the City.

And therefore they endured far the greater misery, and persecution, and underwent a more insufferable slavery, being the less able to bear it, by how much they were of a mild and gentle nature. The slaves were used for everything from carrying packs, building large buildings, pearl diving, and even attacking other villages when the Spaniards didn’t want to use their own men. This voice says that you are in mortal sin, that you live and die in it, for the cruelty and tyranny you use in dealing with these innocent people.

This Death they found out also for the Lords and Nobles of the Land; they stuck up forked sticks in the ground, and then laid certain perches upon them, and so laying them upon those perches, they put a gentle fire under, causing the fire inides melt them away by degrees, to their unspeakable torment.

At length they receiv’d them, but on condition that they would come alone and not let any other of the Spaniards enter in among them, which those religious persons promis’d, for they had not only a liberty, but a command from the Governor of New Spain, that they should so promise them, and that the Spaniards should do them no harm or injury.

This being added, which I said before, that one Spaniard consumes in one day as much as would suffice to serve an Indian family consisting commonly of ten persons for a whole month.

The rest of his Nobles ended their lives in that servitude and kndies which shall be hereafter related. Of the Kingdom of Yucatan In the yeara vile and impious man through his fawning and lying, was made Governor of the Kingdom of Yucatan; which was the manner that other tyrants used for the obtaining of their presentments and offices; for by their authority they had greater opportunities to do mischief.

Among all the notorious enormities committed by the foresaid Governor, there is one not to be omitted: Coming to the entry of the City, there stood the King himself with all his attendants, who being carried in a golden Litter accompanied them to the Palace which was prepared for them.

But there was no greater hte that depopulated this Country, then a liberty granted by the Bartolme to the Spaniards, for the requiring of slaves and captives from the Nobles and potent men of the Kingdome; who as often as the Spaniards obtained leave to demand them, which was every four or five months, and sometimes sooner, gave them constantly fifty servants, whom the Spaniards still threatened, that if they would not be obedient, they would either burn them alive, or throw them to the dogs.

And who can now question but that his soul is now tormented in the flames of Hell!

The religious persons, as upright servants of God and zealous for the souls of those poor people, gave credit to the messengers and returned, and were entertained as if they casws been Angels sent from heaven, and remained with the Indians for five months, receiving a thousand courtesies from them. However, this generosity was their custom and the Spaniards could count on it. Hence they departed with their prisoners, all they could lay hold on, being about a hundred ad eighty, to the Island of St.

That which led the Spaniards to these unsanctified impieties was the desire of Gold, to make themselves suddenly rich, for the obtaining of dignities and honors which were no way fit for them.


A Brief Account of the Destruction of the Indies by Bartolomé de las Casas – Free Ebook

Since the Spaniards horded most of the gold vartolome they stole gartolome the fhe villages and gave only a tiny fraction to the Spanish royal treasury, it was a higher priority for the Spanish nobles to recover the stolen gold and to prosecute the soldiers.

All his ships he filled with Indians, where they died for hunger and for thirst. This infinite multitude of people was so created by God, as that they were without fraud, without subtlety or malice, to their natural Governors most faithful and obedient. John more then thirty in number, which were totally made desert. The first place they came to, was Hispaniola, being a most fertile Island, and for the bigness of it very famous, it being no less then six hundred miles in compass.

destructioh But the Indians at that time contemning the commands of their King, chose them a Captain whom they made chief Commander of all their Forces. And truly indiex I should make a book only to scare and affright men.

The Indians perceiving that with all their humility, their patience, and their presents, that they were not able to assuage the fury of these inhumane creatures, and that they were daily killed up inddies dogs, began to think of taking arms; for they thought it better, since an evil death could not be avoided, rather to die fighting and taking llas upon their enemies, then to be killed like beasts by them. But the Spaniards hearing indis his sight, resolved not to let him lurk any where; but immediately making war upon him that had received them so liberally, they never rested till they had wasted all the Kingdom to find him out, at length he fell into their hands; and no sooner had they taken him, but they fettered him immediately, putting him into a ship that was bound for Spain; but the ship was wrackt by the way, many Spaniards perishing, and a great treasure of Gold being lost; God so taking revenge upon their enormities.

There is nothing more detestable or more cruel, then the tyranny which the Spaniards use toward the Indians for the getting of pearl.

Most of the time they were too welcoming and were eaten out of their homes. With new and unusual forts of torments they destroyed above four or five millions of people; Neither do they yet put an end to their abominable crimes and enormities: And this I also dare affirm, that the Indians had always just reason to raise war against the Spaniards, and that the Spaniards on the contrary, had never any legal cause of quarrel against them, but only always an intention to exercise a fury on them greater than the most consuming and prodigal rage, that ever made the worst of tyrants infamous.

Among the rest, a certain seditious rebel entering into a region bordering upon Guatemala, burnt up their City, killing the Inhabitants, and laying waste all the Country, which he did on purpose, that if he should be pursued by his enemies, they might be liable to the revenge of the Indians as they passed along; which happened accordingly, for there the chief Commander from whose power the foresaid Captain had rebell’d, was slain; but he was succeeded by many other fell tyrants, who with their wonted cruelties and captivity destroyed the people, selling them to those that brought garments and other provision, and by that kind of servitude, which they destructlon from the year When the Spaniards departed out of the Kingdome invited the son of a certain Noble man, Governor either of a City or great Province, xestruction he would go along with him, who answering that he was unwilling to leave his native Country, they threatened to cut off his ears unless he would go along with him; notwithstanding all which, he persevered in his resolution; whereupon they cut off his nose destruchion the upper part of his lip, with as little remorse as if they had been paring their nails.