To Our Readers and Friends. Azja-Pacyfik (Asia-Pacific, in short: AP) is a yearly journal published in Poland since It is the most. The Senkaku/Diaoyu Isles: What is it all about? (added on ). The conflict revolves around just seven, or rather five islands. All of them are relatively . ZAMKNIJ. Kontynuując korzystanie z tej strony i poruszając się na niej, wyrażasz zgodę na korzystanie z plików cookies. ZAAKCEPTUJ. Kennametal.

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The new Prime Minister the first woman to hold this position in the history of Siam-Thailand ppacyfik, Yingluck Shinawatra bornwho won the elections in Julydid not have any experience in politics before — only in business.

All are mountainous and uninhabited. Similar divagations are not uncommon among the electronic companies concentrated around Bangkok.

In response to this, in the bigger Chinese cities, mainly on the coast, huge anti-Japanese demonstrations broke out – the biggest since April when the reason was the interpretation of WWII events in a Japanese history handbooks. We have been visited by visitors.

The Japanese side, on the other hand, presents the following argument. Our journal focuses primarily on political, economic and social issues of the region, but we pacyrik welcome and publish articles covering cultural and religious topics. China, striving for the role of a regional superpower, is issuing a challenge not only to Japan but also to the United States who, sincefeel responsible for the peacekeeping in the Taiwan Strait.

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An eruption came on September 10, when the Japanese government decided to buy “from private hands” the three biggest Senkaku islands, thus answering Ishihara’s call.


It is the most prominent academic periodical in Poland devoted to the study of Asia-Pacific region. Since that moment tension between the three parties involved and emotions on the Chinese side was growing. To Our Readers and Friends.

The message from this cataclysm is clear: However, it has been coming up over and over again, with bigger or smaller intensity.

At the end of the pacygik season four Southeast Asian countries: We advise, however, to contact AP by e-mail prior to sending a proposal or a finished article. Under these circumstances she decided to cancel her trip to Hawaii for the APEC Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit, thus loosing a chance to enter a wider, international scene and to meet global leaders a meeting with president Barack Obama was scheduled, among others.

Editorial Board Last update: The largest flood was recorded inbut at that time the country was still largely underdeveloped and unindustrialized, therefore the losses were incomparable. Even in a state of emergency, when a great wave of water covered central Bangkok people were evacuated from many districts, schools and some institutions were closed for several weekscontroversies on how to deal with such situations were still sharp and visible.

Those were relatively swiftly ended by authorities in Beijing. The authorities, both on central and local levels, were too long pacyfim the threat, and in the face of disaster they split.

Water was covering the city for several weeks. The government has already lowered prognosis of the level of GDP growth in the from 4.

Nevertheless, this feud has a great meaning and in the broader context it is about boarders on the East China Sea. The Japanese – Chinese conflict is closely watched by Vietnam, the Philippines and India who are involved in similar boarder disputes with China.


azja-pacyfik-dobre-logo – Warsaw City Break

A cataclysm of this magnitude has made a significant impact on the political situation in the country. Huge waves swept through the country inand What is it all about?

Catastrophic flood in Thailand added on At the end of the monsoon season four Southeast Asian countries: AP is a yearly journal published in Poland since For example, the mayor of Bangkok Sukhumbhand Paribatra did not even attempt to hide that his priorities were totally different from those of Mrs.

Unfortunately, the current, so intense and spectacular phase of this conflict does not bode well as neither of the three sides involved came forward with a proposal of a constructive solution.

Catastrophic flood in Thailand added on We kindly welcome co-operation from Asia scholars all over the world, both from the region and outside of it! An attempt to prove the Japanese identity of the Senkaku Islnds or the Chinese identity of the Diaoyu Islands is nothing more than an attempt to stretch the contemporary idea of the nation-state to pre-modern times when both the Chinese and the Japanese used totally different concepts of state.

It is a fact that floods have intensified lately.

The year was also difficult in this respect. Articles in English accepted for publication in the Polish-language paper edition will also be posted in their original language version on the website for unlimited online access.