A Few Words about Azharul Fatawa by Hadrat Allama Mufti Mohammed Naseem Ashraf Habibi (Habibi Darul Ifta, Durban South Africa) Azharul Fatawa is a. Azhar-ul-Fatawa. The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is. Name, Azhar Ul Fatawa. Author. Topic. Publisher, Habibi Dar Ul Ifta Durban Saudh Africa. Language, English. Total Count,

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I have been asked verbally about performing Namaaz behind Wahabis and other misled groups and about other issues. Through the mediation of the intercession of the Holy Prophet sallallaahu Ta’ala alaihi wasallam every Saint azharil every spiritual teacher Peer will intercede for the Muslims and the disciples.

He has been known to dictate Fatawa in such a manner that he quotes from memory the original text from Arabic reference works like a Hafizul Quran reciting the Quran. After reading the Mas’ala on the use of the loudspeaker in Namaaz, a Muslim remarked that this issue clarifies the position of the Shari’at when it interfaces with science. It is important that this amount not be left abandoned in Banks.

He immediately quoted from memory all the references in the original Arabic. I passed by the Holy Prophet sallallaahu alaihi wasallam.

The basic meaning of this Hadith is that it is Haraam to injure and also Haraam to be injured. It may be taken and used. What Tahirul Qadri says regarding performance of Namaaz behind Gustakhe-Rasool come true to Deobandis also azjarul the word “Gustakhe-Rasool” is applicable to Deobandis certainly as they have committed disrespect to the Holy Prophet Muhammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam.

As ftaawa know and every Sunni Muslim knows that Khomeini was the leader of the Shia?. On both the conditions: It is legitimate provided that the profit is not specified. It happened just last year that a convert Muslim told me that the Tie was considered as a dress of respect to the Church. What is the importance of the beard in the light of Islamic Shari’ah?

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Therefore, Taraweeh Salaah behind them is permissible, ever, in those very Mosques, Imaams from other cities, in fact from other countries, are l brought on the grounds that suitable Imaams are not available from the local population, he unavailability of religiously suitable Huffaz from the local areas is being used as an se to justify appointing those very Huffaz as Imaams for Taraweeh.

This was a first evidence, which clarifies the preference of Holy Prophet Muhammad sallal laahu alaihi wasallam. His English collection is named Azharul Fatawa. Zaid used to wear the coat, shirt with collar and neck-tie, Turkish cap and pish waripyjama and boots and has his hair done in English fashion.


They must not put on the Tie in the name of job, etc. I have to say in this issue that it seems to be illegitimate, apparently, as it is a profit, which has been obtained against no substitution, and such a profit is unlawful if the dealing takes place between two Muslims However, if we investigate the matter carefully, we will azharu, categorically, that this profit is legitimate for a Muslim.

After speaking to some Sunni Ulama there, we were informed that the Shahaadat procedure did not take place in front of any of them but that they had only heard that the moon was seen and thus announced Eid. Under such conditions, if a person by just wilfully meeting and eating with a Gustakhe Rasool, imagine his condition of Imaan if he intentionally reads Namaaz behind persons of corrupt Sects and, even then, does not consider his actions to be incorrect!

May Allah Bless you with Jaza-e-Khair. Even if one says that by transfusion and by transplant that one can save a life, but even so, these actions would not be permissible for Almighty Allah says: He is not saying that ‘Ala Hadrat alaihir rahma is his Allah, but says like this that, “O Ahmad Raza, May my and your Allah produce any one like you among your descendants.

It prevents the eggs from being formed in the y of the female. Further Aala Hazrat alaihir Rahma says: Through this explanation given in Jalalain it goes on without saying that the Holy Quran legitimizes to build a Mosque around the grave and it can be derived very clearly that this practice has been going on by the Muslims since thousands of years. Verse 56 Allama Jalaluddin Sayyuti alaihir Faawa has derived from this verse that the prophecy fahawa our Holy Prophet sallal laahu alaihi wasallam is quite absolute and it is comprising all even the Angels of Almighty Allah.

The first collection has been widely accepted and acclaimed, with azhadul help of Almighty Allah. Is it after antation? Which Madhab allows it and which does not allow it? Therefore, to apply the word for Almighty Allah with this intention is illegitimate.

It is, therefore, legitimate to accept such a profit from an Islamic Bank as the depositor has invested the money datawa business, knowingly and willingly, this way of business is called “Mudaraba “according to Shari’ah.

Is this opinion of theirs correct e light of the Shari?

A Sunni is he who does not have any Kufree Aqidah, who does not defame or slander the Holy Prophet sallal kiiihu alaihi wasallamand who does not consider Deobandis and non-Believers as Muslims. In fact, Wahabis have refused the commands of the Holy Quran and authentic Traditions of the Holy Messenger Sallal-Laahu Ta’ala Alaihi Wasallam and have adopted very irrespective manners towards the Saints and pious persons.

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What is the ruling in the issue of Umume Balwa? It is stated in “Durre Mukhtaar” as under: It is very azhzrul that the Bank never retains the deposited money, but it invests this money in business, so that it grows and this increasing money must be added to the capital deposit. To read Namaaz behind him is permissable provided that he should be able to be an Imaam one who leads the prayer no matter where he has qualified from. Wallahu Ta’ala Aalam Allah Knows best.

It is a pity that the multitude of questions posed to him over the phone and the relative answers have not been recorded. Accordingly, he states – “Ashbaho Nazair” briefly states, “The worship of Idol isKufr infidelity as well as fastening the band fstawa Jews and Christians, it is alike no matter if the person enters their Church or if he doesn’t.

However, he who builds a Mosque near the grave of a Saint or performs Namaaz near a grave with the intention to seek spiritual help and to be benefited from the effects of Awliya; then there is no objection to this practice. He, who wants the detail he should go over his distinguished work Fatawa Razvia. I request your honour to give the verdict on the following questions. Kindly answer the following question in the light of Shari’ah. Iam the only Imam in this area within a 50 mile radius.

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Now, if you put a pin to it, then another Cross is formed. Hence, we can consider this money as a part of the money belonging to the depositor.

Therefore, he Sallal-Laahu Alaihi Wassallam states: Just as Bareilly in the time of A’la Hadrat radi Allahu anhu enjoyed the privilege of being a superior centre for the issuing of Fatawa, today Allama Sahib’s personality enjoys a similar privilege. In the same manner, you compare the bow-tie with a neck-tie. But the Tie has got so much importance amongst Christians that they put the Tie on the dead body also.