Azab e Deed by Idrees ul Hassan – Docxun Records, released 29 May Azab – e – Deed – posted in Sher o Shairy: Azaab-e-Deed Mai Ankhain Lahoo Lahoo Ker Kay Mai Sharumsaar Howa Teri Justujo Ker Kay. Paramount Books Largest Bookseller and Publisher in Pakistan.

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Stone idol worshippers said Hadhrat Muhammad is a mad man.

Haman in the Quran and the Bible. Views Read Edit View history. Send me back to life.

Punishment of the Grave

Allaah is forgiving and merciful. The evil of killing Jews, Christians and Muslims. Time does not exist for Allaah. The children of Israel were chosen by Allah. Are there abrogated verses in the Koran?

Humans have no memory of Allaah when they are in the grave meaning nothing happens in the grave. When is the last day of the Earth? The people of the elephant.

Shahada Salah Sawm Zakat Hajj. The time of the prophets on this earth ended and finished and closed with the death of Prophet Muhammad. Did stone idols or Prophet Muhammad have proof of authority from Allah? Sacrifice of Hazrat Ishaq and Hazrat Ismail.


Mohsin Naqvi’s urdu books | Author Books

These hadith azag where false hadith came from. The last men on the Moon. Jesus is not returning to this Earth. Azb said do not pray to dewd. The meaning of the mysterious letters in the Quran. The sin of ewe and Prophet David. Allah swears by Mount Sinai. The soul is in heaven during sleep and after death. The Quran confirms what is in the Gospel Injil of Isa by Mark, Matthew, Luke and John that is with the Christians today azwb proof that no one can change the words of Allaah and as proof of the truthfulness of the Quran.

Hadhrat Muhammad is not a dictator. Who is to deev for the death of Jesus? If punishment in the grave is true it would be in the Quran as a warning to the Muslims but it is not in the Quran. If u listen closely, u can hear a man talking n a woman screaming over his voice with successive sound effects.


Al Quran confirm Al-Tawrah has no fault. False hadith stories disobey the Quran. Quran chapter 2 index. Satan Shaitan is a deceiver and his mission is to make humans believe the opposite to what Allaah teaches. Al Quran surah 4. Understanding killing in the Quran. Is there any way to go out of Hell fire Jahannam? This is a wonderful verse because you can choose 10 seconds or 10 minutes or 10 hours or 10 days or 10 weeks or 10 centuries but only those who understand will say ten hours.

azav Do not kill a person because Allah has forbidden killing. Why did Prophet Muhammad flee Mecca? Jesus is not God. The Day of Resurrection is on a new earth, a new land, a new ground in the hereafter.