At the same time, Mercedes-Benz has also been voted the strongest brand in the ADAC AutoMarxX study. nix. The latest on the C- and E- Class. ADAC places BMW on third place in AutoMarxX brand ranking ADAC, publishes their second annual AutoMarxX brand study which consists of . Didnt Benz get a recall last month on 85, vehicles for Power. by Bharat NagpalJune 1, 0 According to the ADAC AutomarxX study, Mercedes-Benz is the most successful brand since AutomarxX was introduced in .

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This also includes Mercedes-Benz being a pioneer in aautomarxx development of active and passive safety systems. I am reading these things and thinking to myself: Mercedes is ranked at 1. Porsche Rank 7 swaps places with Toyota.

The new-generation C-Class, for example, impresses not only as a result of its greater efficiency, but also because of its many new assistance systems. MB is definitely taking the lead on avant-guarde designs. The automotive benchmark in efficiency and comfort. BMW auomarxx not been getting their priority right. November 29, at 7: They cannot make elegant, sleek and modern looking cars that are pleasing to the eye.

They have cut cost extensively in all the wrong areas. November 29, at How safe is the BMW i3 in the worst case of a crash or other incidents? November 30, at 2: The improvement was mainly due to the introduction of new, highly efficient engine variants in high-volume models such as the new-generation C-Class. Volkswagen rank 4 and Volvo Rank 5 have each improved by one place, while Skoda falls back to sixth.

November 29, at 5: Lack of customer understanding e. German equivalent of AAA, ADAC, publishes their second annual AutoMarxX brand study which consists of individual criteria, brand image, market strength, customer satisfaction, product strength, environmental performance and safety.


Cost cutting strategy, cutting on quality of their products evident in the record number of recalls this year for the company — more than 10 HUGE recalls. Diesel engines are definitely going through some tough times these days. Exactly what I have been warning about for the past few months.

All Wutomarxx Cars have reliability issues. November 28, at 2: Audi is marketing their sportiness, saying that they are very sporty while BMW is embarking on JOY campaigns with efficient dynamics.

ADAC places BMW on third place in AutoMarxX brand ranking

Learn how your comment data is processed. I agree with FreudeKing about his 5th point. Brand image 10 percent: Thats true, Im just making a statement to Babken that all brand have reliability issues and Mercedes Benz is not excluded from the group.

In the image survey, the participants were primarily interested in maximum quality and the highest-possible safety standards.

It thus provides an overall picture of current performance levels of the leading car brands. The scrutiny on them is at an all time high as the Volkswagen Dieselgate …. Orange County Ford says: What about the last generation S class.

November 28, at 9: The results reflect the current capabilities of all automakers that are of relevance in Germany.

There should not be a defect in the first place.

Mercedes-Benz is once again Germany’s strongest brand in the ADAC AutomarxX study

Newer Post Older Post Home. Do you think students would rather put a 5GT poster on their walls instead of the Audi R8? This generation of top German flagship cars are much better. Audi was able to pass BMW with a smaller decline from 1. Open for intense pleasure. Your email address will not be published.


Continued launching of ugly cars subjective but many are in the same view are turning young people away from the brand. It is also clear that BMW has cut down on advertising and marketing expenditure. Go on recalling your unreliable automobiles. I think the JOY campaign is getting lame and it is also quite irritating.

Update for the performance luxury saloon.

ADAC places BMW on third place in AutoMarxX brand ranking

Atomarxx 50 years of Mercedes-AMG success. With its carbon passenger cell, the electric car not …. Honda and Seat complete the first ten ranks. Keep working on it BMW, we can be up there again in no time! In terms of security, the investigation shows that BMW fell from 1. This has allowed Audi to gain significant market share over the past few years by taking opportunities that BMW is not utilising, in fact, the exact same elements that made BMW the BMW today.

I also think the fall of the brand appeal and image is directly linked to the departure of Chris Bangle and the new conservative and homogeneous design their product line is taking imho. Not only did Mercedes-Benz take first place in both of these areas; the people surveyed also automarxx the brand at the auotmarxx with regard to automotive research and development.

Their delayed decision to come out with a competitor has caused the public to incraese their perception of Audi and decrease their positive perception of BMW.