option 1. am to pm, Monday to Friday. ATO online services for registered agents. 13 72 86 FKC 3 3. am to pm, Monday to Friday. Forms for registered agents to lodge an application for a deferral. To update GST reporting methods call 13 72 86 (FKC 1 1 3). If your client has a turnover of under $10 million, labels G1 and 1A must be.

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Chapter 4: ATO’s tax practitioner services | Inspector-General of Taxation

For example, questions could be developed for at centre operators to quickly identify which calls are too complex and to whom they should be transferred. When voice recognition is made available to third party representatives this will simplify proof of identification for agents.

New items are included on these returns to enable declaration of income and claiming of credits for these withholding events:. If your client does not need to lodge a complete return, but wants to claim a franking credit refund electronically, use form EI. Information will be easier to find and understand with improved menus and examples where required. Mistakes found after lodging an activity statement After an activity statement has been lodged, you can revise the original details and send ao revised statement through foc ELS.

Tax agent phone services (Fast Key Code) guide | Australian Taxation Office

Over 3, tax practitioners took part in the survey and 16 took part in the workshops. If you want the preference to apply to a specific account, complete the client account number field. To speed up your access to the portal and other web browser applications, browsers store cache recent history in their software.


Before sending a CP transaction To ensure correspondence preferences work effectively: Whilst we will work with our partners to design the services to be made available through software, user experience design of commercial software is driven by the software developers. Withholding variationssection 15—15, vary an individual pay as you go PAYG rate of withholding. A Superannuation lump sum worksheet schedule PL is used with individual tax returns if more than one super lump sum has been received during the year.

They are to take over calls as necessary, educate CSRs not just provide answersand provide verbal or written feedback to team leaders, senior advisers and the SQM.

What cannot be updated via an amendment The purpose of an amendment is to request an alteration to an income tax assessment. ATO Portals and migration of their functionality 4. However, these systems have remained largely unchanged since they were first introduced.

When a direct refund request is rejected, a standard notice of assessment with a refund cheque or payment slip is issued.

The interaction management IM system allows you to set correspondence preferences that our business systems use when sending particular types of correspondence.

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If your client elects to pay by direct debit for the first time, a direct debit request and direct debit request service agreement must be completed. However, concerns with the quality of ATO services have persisted.

The amendment indicator must be completed with a number between one, being the first revision, and nine the last — if this indicator is not completed, the return will be treated as an original return.

Occasionally on weekends, we will have to bring the ATO Portals and the mainframe systems down. For more information, refer to our instructions for completing the company tax return form. These forms must be printed single-sided on separate A4 size pages. As a result, a number of concerns were addressed as set out above.


Enhancements to the current portal will be limited to maintenance and stability assurance. Such an identifier could dkc used in subsequent calls in relation to the same client on the same matter. If only one employment termination payment is received during the year, you do not need to complete a worksheet.

Ensure you check your portal mailbox regularly for any secure messages from us. The Fast Key Codes allow you to key ahead to the option of your choice without ago to the entire menu.

You can check your list of expected lodgments using the Due lodgment report available through ELS, which provides a list of all clients with an expected lodgment. This schedule is designed to accept unlimited free text. Fck, if a company, superfund or SMSF has been self-assessed as being due a refund for either an assessment or an amendment. ELS technical help desk — see General phone services.

Shops 1 and 2 operate without your help.

Reliability of the ATO Portals 4. When a CP transaction is lodged, it can take several days for the information to be processed, particularly if we must correct errors. This is a known issue and we are working on a solution. You want the correspondence to be sent to you. Client details must be transcribed from the return file if applicable. Accordingly, the IGT is of the view that the above performance reports should fkf made publicly available on a regular basis.