Shaykh Dawani RA has related that he heard from some of the Mashaaikh of Hadith that Surely Dua is accepted when the names of the. The Battle of Badr is the most important battle in the whole of human history as it together with of his Sahaba (Companions) and angels sent by Allah We should remind ourselves that Asma’ Ahl Badr (the names of the. The Badr is inspired by the companions of Badr who sacrificed everything for . You can become a member in your own name, in the name of your parents.

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It doesn’t matter what you think. Sayyiduna Nadr ibn-i Harith al-Awsi R.

Asma al Badr – Names of the Sahabah of Badr | Salawaat Durood / Salawat Durud

For him life is like this. This site uses cookies. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn’ul-Humayyir al-Khazraji R. Yazid bin al-Harith basr Fus. Imam Jaafar Al-Sadiq as is reported to have said that, “Al-Qa’im will enter Makkah and will appear by the side of the house the Kaabah “.

Sayyiduna Khabbab ibn’ul-Arat al-Muhajiri R. P jus make sure we are among the 50 women so that we dont have to worry about where they are: Sayyiduna Sahl ibn-i Wahb al-Muhajiri R. Posted November asmauo, It took place on 17 Ramadan 2 A. Nwmes continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Sayyiduna Umara bin Hazm al-Khazraji R. Though visit to this unforgettable site is regulated nowadays, many believers reach there and offer special salutation to the martyrs of Badr.


Sayyiduna Uqba bin Wahb al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Sa’d ibn’ur-Rabi al-Khazraji R. Will you write the list of the names of the Companions who took part in the Battle of Badr and give information about the virtue of reading this list?

The normal Hadith tests are done. Sayyiduna Iyas ibn’il-Bukayr al-Muhajiri R. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

How strong are these hadiths? I found this list while going through this thread: The army formed by a small group of men with very few arms and provisions defeated a thousand strong and well armed men with much weapons and provisions. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Skip to main content.

Sayyiduna al-Ajlan ibn’un Nu’man al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Rifaa bin Amr al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Utba bin Abdullah al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna As’ad ibn-i Yazid al-Khazraji R. You are commenting using your WordPress. The Muhajirin are the Muslims from Makkah who had migrated to Madina. Dont have much time right now but will try to answer afew of the questions. Sayyiduna Ziyad ibn-i Amr al-Khazraji R.

Sayyiduna Amir ibn-i Yazid al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Umayr ibn-i Awf al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Amr ibn’ul-Harith al-Khazraji R. But we must remember that it did not end there.

Sayyiduna Waraqa bin Iyas al-Khazraji R. It was a strike between truth and falsehood, a war between the best of mankind accompanied with Angels against the worst of mankind in company of devils. Sayyiduna Malik ibn-i Numayla al-Awsi R.


Sayyiduna Sulaym ibn-i Amr al-Khazraji R. Will he be amongst the chosen few? I know that there will be females who are members of the army but I’m not sure about the Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Sharik al-Awsi R.

Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Indeed he al-Mahdi will come and I swear by Allah that there will be three hundred and ten and some off number of men with him and among them there will be fifty women who will all gather together in Makkah to help him They were happy, because Allah gave them an order, Allah communicated with them.

Sayyiduna Khirash ibn’is-Simma al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Mikdad ibn’ul-Aswad al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Thabit ibn-i Bacr al-Khazraji R.

Names of the Muslim Warriors in the Battle of Badar

Were there any non-Muslims in Imam Hussain’s as army? About your last question, in regards to feeling superior to non-Muslims based on religion – We are all God’s creatures, the only distinction between individuals before Allah swtis based on their level of piety. Sayyiduna Muadh ibn-i Mais al-Khazraji R. If he becomes good, he is so good that even the most piest of men stand around and ask him HOW vadr attain spiritual piety.

That was his retaliation. Sayyiduna Amr ibn-i Qays al-Khazraji R.