Arturius: A Quest for Camelot. Title: Arturius: A Quest for Camelot. Author: Carroll, David F. Link: PDF with commentary in the UK. Stable link here. Arturius – a Quest for Camelot. Front Cover. D. F. Carroll. D.F. Carroll, – Great Britain Bibliographic information. QR code for Arturius – a Quest for Camelot. The Theory: In his book, “Arturius – A Quest for Camelot,” David F. Carroll sets out his ideas that suggest that the great King Arthur of legend was the historical.

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Adam Ardrey is the man who was interviewed in the TV show mentioned above. Artutius, the search may finally be over. The fact of the matter is that there is no historical evidence about Arthur; we must reject him from our histories and, above all, from the titles of our books. In the yearWestern Emperor Anthemius began a campaign against Euricking of the Visigoths who were campaigning outside their territory in Gaul.

Historicity of King Arthur – Wikipedia

Some theories suggest that “Arthur” was a byname of attested historical individuals. This book makes a strong case that Arthur was the son of King Aidan the Treacherous, who ruled near Manau Gododdin, in the South of present-day Scotland. If the son of Aidan MacGabran, a King of Scots Dalriada, was indeed the famous warrior Arthur, it will answer two otherwise very puzzling questions: One theory suggests that Lucius Artorius Castusa Roman military commander who served in Britain in the late 2nd century or early 3rd century, was a prototype of Arthur.

Follow me on Twitter My Tweets Advertisements. After a long career as a centurion in the Roman army, he was promoted to prefect of Legio VI Victrixa legion headquartered in Eboracum present-day York, England.

He has been involved in genealogy for more than 35 years. Email required Address never made public. You are commenting using your Twitter account. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Details may be found here.


Want to receive a once-a-day email message containing links to all the new articles published here? Placenames and local tales from the Borders to the Moray Firth attest to the hold this enigmatic figure had on our ancestors. Search Past Newsletter Articles. University of California Press.

Ali on The Simple Method of Adding a…. About a hundred years previously, George Buchanan had recorded of the same place that “some of our writers falsely imagine it to have been Camulodunum”.

The Roman Government of Britain.

Riothamus did both, assuming that he was a king in Britain arfurius well as Armorica. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Name and email address are required. Riothamus also spelled Riotimus was a historical figure whom ancient sources list as “a king of the Britons “. The annals survive in a version dating from the 10th century, and all other sources that name Arthur were written at least years after the events which they describe. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Noting that the Welsh name Arthur plausibly derives from the Latin ArtoriusMalone suggested arturis details of Castus’ biography, in particular his possible campaign in Brittany and the fact that he was obliged to retire from the military perhaps because of an injurymay have inspired elements of Geoffrey of Monmouth’s depiction of King Arthur.

A History of Rome Under the Emperors. Arturiue July 6, Malone’s idea attracted little attention for decades, but it was revived in the s as part of a theory known as the “Sarmatian connection”. Learn how your comment data is processed.

The arthurianscotland blog will provide ongoing information and commentary on the ever-growing interest in Arthurian Scotland and its relevance to understanding this most important of ancient characters. Gaulois et celtique continentalLibrairie Droz,p.


Click here to read the Plus Edition newsletter. The research may take years, but I believe in it, and hope that one day I can share my findings with the world.

He describes the battle as taking place “in our times” and being one of the “latest, if not the greatest” slaughter of the Saxons, and that a new generation born after Badon had come of age in Arturrius. The most widely accepted etymology is derived from the Roman nomen gentile family name Artorius. The Romance of Arthur: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here If the son of Aidan MacGabran, a King of Scots Dalriada, was indeed the famous warrior Arthur, it will answer two otherwise very puzzling questions:.

Email required Address never made public. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! What more ror than for this Prince to make his capital at the old Roman Fort of Colania which Carroll refers to as Ad Vallum in the artutius of Manau Gododdin, a place called Camelot in the past and still called Camelon today?

Quewt are commenting using your Facebook account. John Buckley December 23, at 4: Dave Dobbin December 23, at 8: They call it Camelot.

Historicity of King Arthur

Annales de Bretagne et des pays de l’Ouest, pp. The exact origins of qusst name Arthur remain a matter of debate. The New Arthurian Encyclopedia. The town of Colchester in Essex about miles from Huddersfield was called Camulodunum and is officially the oldest town in Britain.

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