Arthrogryposis (arthrogryposis multiplex congenita – AMC) is not a separate disease entity, but is rather a descriptive diagnosis used to denote. Arthrogryposis (multiplex congenita) is a clinical or imaging descriptor that denotes congenital non-progressive joint contractures involving two or more body. Okt. Property, Value. Name: Artrogriposis multiple congenita. Description: Filename: Artrogriposis múltiple congénita Filesize: kB.

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Management of hip contractures and dislocations in arthrogryposis. Primary myogenic multiple joint contractures myogenic type arthrogryposis are rare and may be structural or functional [ 34 ]. Hoboken, NJ, ; Surgical intervention may also improve joint mobility and function. Foot deformities in arthrogryposis multiplex congenita. The classic method of correction of flexion contractures is supracondylar extension osteotomy; however, this procedure, when carried out in the active growth period, often results in recurrence of flexion contracture, at a mean rate of one degree per month [ ].

Some cases of AMC congenota related to multiple factors including genetic and environmental ones multifactorial inheritance. Arthrogryposis associated with unsuccessful attempts at termination of pregnancy. In addition, the jaws and back may also be affected in individuals with AMC.


Also known as Gordon’s syndrome, mulfiple rare syndrome is characterized by low stature and palatoschisis. Congenital plantar flexion contractures of the foot. The lumbar lordosis increases with age as well; in adolescence, lumbar lordosis and popliteal and cubital webs increase in size.

Gillerot Y, Koulischer L. The most common form of AMC is Amyoplasia. Treatment of arthrogrypotic foot deformities with the Taylor Spatial Frame. Am J Med Genet ;A: The risk of passing the abnormal gene from affected parent to offspring is 50 percent for each pregnancy regardless of the sex of the resulting child. Years Published,, Posterior elbow release and humeral osteotomy for patients with arthrogryposis.

Case 4 Case 4. Ann N Y Acad Sci. Pena Shokeir Phenotype Fetal akinesia deformation sequence Revisited. Management of Genetic Syndromes, 3rd Ed. The Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery. J Bone Joint Surg Am. Drachman DB, Coulombre A. The diagnosis of distal arthrogryposis requires that two out of the described diagnostic criteria for artrogripkzis and lower extremities are met.

You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Results of the Ponseti method in patients with clubfoot associated with arthrogryposis. This tendon transfer is only used cingenita the extensor carpi ulnaris appears to be functional enough.


Heberden’s node Bouchard’s nodes. These include any disorders resulting in mechanical limitation of the free active movements of fetal limbs. Amyoplasia, the most common type of arthrogryposis: Myogenic amyoplasia can be caused by a defect of myogenesis-regulating genes, resulting in normal development of the connective tissue muscle matrix, developing from lateral cpngenita with simultaneous abnormal development of myocytes, originating from mesodermal somites; these are congenitw by adipocytes [ 40 ].

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The causes include multiple pregnancy, oligohydramnios, uterine abnormalities bicornuate uterus, uterine septumsolid tumors, and uterine fibrosis [ 62 ]. This is confirmed by experimental studies including chicken fetuses; their results indicate that the absence of active motion in embryonic joints caused by e.

Arthrogryposis – Wikipedia

Clinically the Escobar syndrome is characterized by facial dysmorphism, neck bucco-sternal webs, and hand contractures. AMC is thought to be related to decreased movement in utero, which can have multiple causes. Madelung’s deformity Clinodactyly Oligodactyly Polydactyly.

Received Dec 8; Accepted Mar 4. European Journal of Pediatrics. Tendons, despite normal structure, may have abnormal insertions and thus cause limited active fetal motion and consequently symptomatic arthrogryposis. AMC can also occur as part of certain connective tissue disorders.