Editorial Reviews. Review. “[A] vivid new translation it has survived triumphantly as a classic. Roadside Picnic (Rediscovered Classics) by [Strugatsky, Arkady, Strugatsky, Boris] . Arkady and Boris Strugatsky are the most famous and popular Russian writers of science fiction, and the authors of over 25 novels and . Roadside Picnic by Arkady Strugatsky, , available at Book by Ursula K. Le Guin and a new afterword by Boris Strugatsky explaining the. Reading it now, Boris and Arkady Strugatsky’s novel (translated by Roadside Picnic spans eight years in the life of Redrick “Red” Schuart.

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This article’s plot summary may be too long or excessively detailed. Hollywood has spent so much time making us worry about Aliens coming to Earth to enslave us, to steal our natural resources, to take over the planet, to use us as incubators for their spawn etc.

Retrieved 13 May In the course of his joint expedition into the Zone with a fellow stalker named Burbridge The Vulture, the latter steps into a substance known as “hell slime,” which slowly dissolves his leg bones.

Which is how I found Tarkovsky’s filmwhich has become one of my favorites, and which I prefer to the better-known Solaris. All things which earned the Strugatskys quite a few rejections from the Soviet committees read Boris Strugatsky’s afterword on that topic.

Thanks for telling us about the problem. In an afterword by Boris Strugatsky in the most recent translation of Roadside Picnicthe author says a bit about the term. The bitterness of a small person when faced with something larger – be it other worlds, rodside the government, or the powers that we do not understand, or humanity itself.

It spent a lot of time with Red drunk in the bar, commiserating with various others in the strange subculture that develops around the Zones, which are generally desolate and sparsely populated. After all, despite the bravado, most struyatsky us carry no illusions of our own significance in the grand scheme of things.


At last, he must risk everything for one last score: In the meantime, you can read the entire review at Smorgasbook Since Ebert does not know video games, he never says anything which would disqualify them as art. This book carries the spirit of a trend in human history.

My pleasure and stuff. You read and there is no way you can stop. The Zone is one of several areas characterised by the remains of a brief alien visitation. We’ve found that while readers like to know what we think of a book they find additional reader reviews a massive help in deciding if it is the right book for them.

This man would have died if not for Red. The film Stalkerdirected by Andrei Tarkovskyis loosely based on the novel, with a screenplay written by the Strugatsky brothers.

Equally unsurprisingly, the Zone also attracts illegal Stalkers who venture into the Zone without the technological safeguards offered by the institute but for whom the potential rewards on the black market are far greater.

The Visit As Nobel laureate Dr. At the beginning of the book, Red has a day job as a lab technician at the International Institute of Extraterrestrial Cultures, a local think tank on matters relating to the Zone and the Visitation. You sit quietly for a moment, watching the grass waving, just letting everything fall away.

Like a quantum generator ending up in Isaac Newton’s laboratory.

In fact, the whole story felt flat, uninteresting. Guta is depressed because their daughter has nearly lost her humanity and ability to speak, resembling a monkey more and more. I play video games, now and again, but I don’t care about being ‘good’ at them. By38 editions of the novel strugaysky been published in 20 countries. You’re right, I hadn’t picked up on that interpretation of the ending and your point does add extra depth to his soul searching.

Cars drive off the country road into the meadow, a group of young people get out carrying bottles, baskets of food, transistor borix, and cameras. The Eagle and the Raven Pauline Gedge. Superior eoadside in fun and plot and the things that our MC must endure, rather than sheer page space.

Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky

Because the concept is great what if the infamous alien invasion finally came, only in the form of our foreign friends having a merry picnic and discarding their litter and scrap and waste there on the ground? Somehow, in spite of his failings, we sympathize with Red, even as we sometimes cringe at his cruelty and indifference to others.


The Strugatsky brothers use multiple Points-of-View, switching from first person to third person, moving in and out of people’s thoughts as they go. You can put your hands through the container in the space between the lid and the bottom as if there is nothing there but the lid and the bottom always maintain their relative positions and distance.

He explains it so: Strange Horizons is a weekly magazine of and about speculative fiction. And Red can’t wait for his next opportunity to use his brass knuckles or return to the Zone, his home away from home. The growing influence that the Zone has on her psyche is a mirror of the psyche of her father who, now in his early thirties, prepares to venture into the Zone in search of the golden ball.

Roadside Picnic – Wikipedia

Facing down an unprecedented malevolent enemy, the government responds with a nuclear attack. After an interval–however long it takes for an alien to enjoy a meal al fresco–they lift off from our uninteresting planet, probably never to return, leaving behind the star voyager equivalent of empty beer cans, plastic forks, paper napkins, cigarette butts, and perhaps a noxious spill or two.

They weren’t here for first contact, or to raise us up. Perhaps not–but then, videogames have only been around for thirty years, and I’d be hard-pressed to name a novel of the last thirty years that is as good as the greatest literary works.