On the book was printed: The Arduin Grimoire, by Dave Hargrave. of Doom, which collectively came to be known as “The Arduin Trilogy”. Volume 1 of David Hargrave’s classic Arduin Grimoire series, published in during the Original Dungeons & Dragons period. Old-school D&D at its best!. The Arduin Grimoire – Vol 6 – House of the Rising , , KB. file, The Arduin , , KB. file.

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Arduin advertisement from The Dragon issue 6, April Most vegetation is petrified. Many years later when I took the seat trilgoy a long hiatus I set out some hooks and the base location. It was and remains the nature of the world and the brimoire system itself. The fact is that much of the attraction of The Arduin Grimoire and its sequels was that personal, powerful writing that Dave Hargrave infused into the otherwise dry gaming mechanics — a point of view of a gamer who had thought long and hard on what kind of a world they wanted to run, and what it meant to run a campaign — the responsibilities of the game master as well as their powers.

December 4, at 6: So read on and enter the world of action and adventure. The Arduin books gave us material ranging from the hilarious giant ridable Saint Bernards called “Bigglies” to the epic and terrifying the Curse of Tindalos, that called down the Lovecraftian Hounds of Tindalos upon its target and sometimes both at once.

Rules for hell spirals, whimsy trilofy dancing weapons. He just let the consequences of actions happen and usually had some contingency ideas ready to be put in play. It began in the mids as zrduin personal grimoirw Hargrave created to share with friends, but became so popular that he was inspired to publish the material. Compleat rules for healing, regeneration, resurrection, resuscitation, and curing of disease.


Some were still running mega-dungeons. Still, there was good material in the volumes that followed, which were: Read it and lose 1 intelligence and 2 gdimoire. For other persons with this name, see Arduino name.

Comprehensive rules for weather. Material from all of these were subsequently used as the basis for The Compleat Arduina standalone system. Bob, Thanks for the kind words. Depending on gameplay by triloogy I might have come back into play….

November 27, at 9: Ads by Project Wonderful! But no one cared about his rules. This work was written by David for his longtime friend, writer Paul Mosher. The books are in decent condition, with no marks or tears on the pages, and the spines are all tight. Dave Hargrave pictured in Different Worlds issue It awaits only your participation to come alive!


Under the Influence: The Arduin Grimoires

For the historical king of Italy, see Arduin of Ivrea. In the pages of The DragonGary attacked spell points, critical hits, and other grimoird that Hargrave offered as improvements. The pages teemed with fresh ideas.

It was only with the publication of the later book The Arduin Adventure that a true standalone system began to evolve, where other systems were not needed to adequately run a game.

Feedback like yours keeps me writing. November 27, at December 4, at 5: The Arduin Trilogy contained unique new spells and character classes, new monsters, new treasures, maps, storylines, extensive demonography, and all sorts of charts and lists which detailed the Arduin “multiverse”. The bridge will carry any weight, and it cannot be hit by non-magical things.

Under the Influence: The Arduin Grimoires – Ryk E. Spoor, Author, Gamer, Geek God

Spoor on Demons of the Past: To us, Hargrave preached bigger imaginary playgrounds. The Arduin Adventure has a unique modular learning system that permits the gamer to apply any part of it to another system, or part of another system to itself.


In some versions of the Arduin printings, these so-called “corrections” are clearly visible. Your comments or questions welcomed!

Once subversive, the Arduin Grimoire’s influence reaches today’s games

SpoorWriting Tagged With: I remember my friendship all too brief with Dave while he was living in Concord, CA and, for an equally brief time, running his own gaming shop just off Todos Santos Plaza.

New games seek freshness by colliding genres, so cowboys meet the undead, magic meets cyberpunk, and so on.

Among these are trilogyy following:. When creators dream up imaginary worlds, they can go in two directions. Dragon Tree Press You continually post such great content and thought provoking articles. The bridge can also be “keyed” to support any single type or moreletting all others fall through selectively. I think you will find that the world your game is in will become a lot more fun if you do.

This article is about the role-playing game. A new, simpler system for sequencing combat.

Arduin Grimoire Series – Wayne’s Books RPG Reference

One of the strongest and most powerfully attractive parts of the Arduin series was that, within and around the game mechanics, the statistics for demons and items and spells, Dave Hargrave wove tales and hints of his campaign world, giving us a tirlogy at the life of a world that didn’t exist, but … perhaps… could, elsewhere. You must be logged in to post a comment. I can honestly say that Dave was a great friend and AG heavily influenced my own games and later writings.