Download Citation on ResearchGate | Parálisis del nervio radial por lipoma en la arcada de Frohse. Caso clínico | A case of compression of the posterior branch. J Ultrasound Med. Jun;28(6) Entrapment of the posterior interosseous nerve at the arcade of Frohse with sonographic, magnetic resonance. Arcade of Frohse, sometimes called the supinator arch,[1] is the most superior part of the superficial layer of the supinator muscle, and is a fibrous arch over the .

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Arcade of Frohsesometimes called the supinator arch[1] is the most superior part of the superficial layer of the supinator muscleand is a fibrous arch over the posterior interosseous nerve. In the case of a posterior interosseous nerve entrapment, the compression occurs within the musculo-tendinous radial tunnel.

Arcade of Frohse – Wikipedia

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Thank you for updating your details. Nicola Maffulli, Francesco Maffulli; Transient entrapment neuropathy of the posterior interosseous nerve in violin players, Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry ; A posterior interosseous nerve syndrome can be caused by a traumatic injury, tumors, inflammation and anatomic injury.

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Radial nerve anatomy at the level of the elbow. Muscles of the arm. Posterior interosseous nerve syndrome: Journal of Re and Movement Therapies, number 14,p Conservative management of posterior interosseous neuropathy in an elite baseball pitcher’s return to play: Support Radiopaedia and see fewer ads.


Retrieved from ” https: At the site of perforation, the radial nerve may become entrapped. The eponym of the supinator arch. The aim of the surgery is to obtain full recovery. Sonography and MR imaging of posterior interosseous nerve syndrome with surgical correlation. Log in Sign up.

Posterior interosseous nerve syndrome

However, it can also occur following trauma such as a blow to the proximal dorsal region of the forearm, forearm fractures, crush injuries, …. Showing of 8 references. Vrohse posterior interosseous nerve is a motor nerve and sequentially innervates supinator, extensor carpi radialis brevis, extensor digitorum communis, extensor digiti minimi, extensor carpi ulnaris, abductor pollicis, extensor pollicis brevis, extensor pollicis longus, and extensor indicis.

Posterior interosseous nerve palsy secondary to pigmented villonodular synovitis of the elbow: You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys. Radial nerve anatomy at the level of the humerus. Posterior Interosseous Nerve Compression. The radial nerve takes a spiral course over the mid-humerus, passing from anterior to posterior proximally, wrapping around the medial head of the triceps deep to the lateral head, and then moves anterior again distally as it passes thorough the lateral intermuscular septum.


Retrieved from ” https: If there is no response to therapy, evidence of denervation, or persistent paralysis, surgical decompression should be considered 5.

Arcade of Frohse | Radiology Reference Article |

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Now you move your upper body above your wrist. Full screen case with hidden diagnosis. Most arczda entrapments occur usually due to an osseoligamentous tunnel narrowing. Nerve compression syndrome Posterior interosseous nerve structure Medical imaging Sacral nerve stimulation nervous system disorder Lateral thinking. Neural mobilization was used to reduce mechanical extra and intra neural adhesion and to assist the neuromodulation of symptoms.

It is a pre-operative examination to ensure that the patient has the syndrom 4 Level arcadda Evidence: The lateral head is partially transparent to show this course.

The arcade is formed by a fibrous band between the two heads of the supinator muscle.