Learn more about Aranesp® (darbepoetin alfa) Prescribing Information, including Boxed WARNINGS · Medication Guide · Instructions for Use: Single- Dose. Created to help patients understand why CKD can cause anemia and help guide them through the steps to managing their health. for patients that begins after treatment with Aranesp ® or other erythropoietin protein drugs. Aranesp pre-filled syringe – Patient Information Leaflet (PIL) by Amgen Ltd. It is possible that the leaflet in your medicine pack may differ from this version.

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If you have cancer and you will not be receiving chemotherapy that may cause anemia for at least 2 more months If you have a cancer that has a high chance of being cured In place of emergency treatment for anemia red blood cell transfusions. Your treatment will continue until approximately four weeks after the end of your chemotherapy. Red blood cell transfusions Transfusion can quickly medicatkon the number of red blood cells within 1 to 4 hours.

Talk with your healthcare team and other patients with anemia. Know your treatment options Iron supplements Many patients with chronic kidney disease do not have enough iron.

Resources for your patients

Do not use Aranesp if you think it has been frozen. Your doctor, nurse or pharmacist will show arannesp how to inject yourself with the pre-filled syringe. Bruising and bleeding at the site of injection. Your doctor will take regular blood samples to measure how your anaemia is responding and may adjust your dose once every four weeks as necessary in order to maintain long-term control of your anaemia.


Aranesp® (darbepoetin alfa)

If someone else is injecting for you, they can also use the back of your arms. This may vary depending on whether you are an adult or a child. If your hemoglobin level stays too high or goes up too gide, this may lead to serious health problems which may result in death.

What Aranesp looks like and contents of the pack Aranesp medicatiom a clear, colourless or slightly pearly solution for injection in a pre-filled syringe. If you have chronic renal failure Aranesp is used to treat symptomatic anaemia that is associated with chronic renal failure kidney failure in adults and children.

Aranesp Singleject

If you get any side effects, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse. This will make the injection more comfortable.

It is important to tell your doctor if you: The fewer you have, the harder your body has to work to do simple tasks, like making your heart beat and your muscles move. Do not throw away any medicines via wastewater or household waste.

Click here to download the Lab Tracker. By reporting side effects you can help provide more information on the safety of this medicine. Not all pack sizes may be marketed.

Your doctor will help you choose the best treatment for your anemia. If you stop using Aranesp If you want to stop using Aranesp, you should discuss it with your doctor first. Understand this critical role. If it is cloudy or there are aramesp in it, you must not use it. How do I give my injection?


Tell your doctor about all of the medications you take, including vitamins, prescription and nonprescription medications, and herbal supplements.

Do not touch arxnesp needle or push the plunger. Your normal dialysis routine will not affect the ability of Aranesp to treat your anaemia. What Is Aranesp Singleject? You may need to read it again. If you have symptoms which include severe headache, drowsiness, confusion, problems with your eyesight, nausea, vomiting or fits seizuresit could mean that you have very high blood pressure.

Aranesp® (darbepoetin alfa) | For Healthcare Professionals

The expiry date refers to the last day of that month. Before you inject Aranesp you must do the following: When your syringe has been removed from the refrigerator and left at room temperature for approximately 30 minutes before injection it must either medicagion used within 7 days or disposed of.

Learn more about chronic kidney disease, anemia, and dialysis. Injecting Aranesp yourself Your doctor may decide that mediation is best for you or a carer to inject Aranesp. Aranesp has not been tested in pregnant women. Tell your doctor or pharmacist if you are using, have recently used or might use any other medicines.

Depending on your individual situation a blood transfusion may medicxtion preferable. Warnings and precautions Talk to your doctor, pharmacist or nurse before using Aranesp.