We use appositives to redefine or clarify a noun phrase; test your knowledge in this exercise!. Play this game to review Grammar. What is the purpose of an appositive?. Play this game to review Grammar. St. Valentine is the patron saint of lovers. St. Valentine was never married. Which option uses an appositive to combine the.

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The past tense of strike is struck. They are possible buyers. December 8,at 7: When stating a sentence with a name, would you use a comma after it? September 2,at 5: Aided by their friend Janice, the two friends built a treehouse. We recommend avoiding the double possessive. No commas are required if you have more than one little sister. But, what about in a possessive case?

Appositive Or Appositive Phrase Quiz

March 23,at 8: Our senator is surrounded by commas because Jorge Torres is a precise identifier. September 9,at 4: Your second version with qkiz commas before which are grammatically correct. Sue, my sisterwill be having a party next week. My brother enjoys breaking toys. Therefore, the names should be surrounded by commas. December 10,at 6: Grade 4 Grade Aided by a friend I built a treehouse.


Commas with Appositives

June 11,at 2: We hope this helps. April 8,at January 24,at The woman with the hat, the viola player, is my sister-in-law.

The second sentence could certainly be misinterpreted by a careful reader. Appositivex, some editors may prefer the second sentence. Lansing, the capital of Michiganis home to Michigan State University. December 1,at 9: The name Janice is essential to the meaning of the word friendsince she is not their only friend.

October 11,at 5: Combine the following sentences by using an appositive.

Appositives (practice) | Khan Academy

I recently came across several articles in the media that I think are incorrectly punctuated but was never sure. October 23,at Brett lives in Denver with his three sons and his wife, Leena.

Since there is most likely more than one professor of clinical psychology at Amsterdam University, Pim Cuijper is necessary to help identify the professor. January 26,at 5: July 25,at 4: The entire phrase following Jack is an appositive.


My sister, who received a scholarship, will attend Harvard. Would you provide an example of the type of sentence you need advice on?

On November 26,Carter and a fellow archaeologist Lord Carnarvon entered the interior chambers of the tomb. My brotherSashais the best person in a world.

Appositive Or Appositive Phrase Quiz – ProProfs Quiz

English Language Arts Religion. Feedback would be appreciated. July 14,at 2: December 21,at 1: We have a relationship with Mr. October 8,at 4: The correct treatment would be: If the article or the existing discussions do not address a thought or question you have on the subject, please use the “Comment” box at the bottom of this page.

June 9,at 5: January 16,at qyiz January 10,at Now appositiives you have completed the Telephone Etiquette learning activity, continue to the next page of your learner guide.