Results 1 – 19 of 19 Angiolo Mazzoni Del Grande and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Angiolo Mazzoni thinks, designs and manufactures among the most intelligent architectures that fascist regime has never given birth. Ferrara – Palazzo delle Poste – Arch. Angiolo Mazzoni. Pitture di Giannino Lambertini. La scultura di San Giorgio oltre i bassorilievi sul soffitto e nelle.

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Marinetti and the journalist Mino Somenzi, architectural evolution of the futurist aeropittura. Politically astute, Mazzoni also joined the National Fascist Party in I lavori per la nuova stazione di Roma iniziarono nelpoi causa la guerra furono sospesi e la stazione fu terminata nel Both refer to antiquity in the form of arches and pillars.

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He stated that “the railroad is the mirror of the progress of the nation” [ 4 ]. Mazzoni was a supporter of modern architecture in the Ministry of Communications, which conflicted with the traditional norms of the culture of architecture [ 4 ].

Angiolo Mazzoni Period 3: In his design, it is possible to see how the station would have look liked when the construction would have nagiolo see pictures above and right. The new Termini station had to lead as a gateway to Mussolini’s new imperial Rome, but Mazzoni’s first design was too modern, it was inappropriate for the historical setting and it was insufficiently fascist.

Modernism in Italian Architecture, After some fundamental adjustments, Mazzoni’s second design in won acceptance. Italian architect and engineer. Stazione centrale – Arch. Spacious waiting space is provided under cover or indoor.


One difference is the size, the new station would have been larger with more platforms because of the increasing demand.

These works or works by this artist may not be in the public domain, because the artist is still living or has not been dead for at least 70 years. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Angiolo Mazzoni.

File:Angiolo mazzoni, palazzo delle poste, palermo 1928-1934 (3661979013).jpg

Stylistically eclectic, Mazzoni joined in to the so-called “second phase” of the Italian artistic movement Futurism, signing in the Manifesto of Aerial Architecture with F. Pola – Palazzo delle Poste – Mazzoni designed hundreds of public buildings, post offices and train stations during the Interwar period in Italy. Sabaudia – Stazione Arch. The EUR was planned to take place in for the celebration of the twentieth anniversary of the March on Rome.

Retrieved from ” https: More recently academics and mazoni such as Ezio Godoli, Giorgio Muratore, and Enrico Crispolti have begun a rehabilitation process and a critical re-evaluation of Mazzoni.

A possible reason is that there was discord about the definition of the fascist architecture style. Palermo – Palazzo delle Poste – What you can read next Olympics and the fashion angjolo for the Union Jack. Rome Main page: Description Angiolo mazzoni, palazzo delle poste, palermo The two designs have also some similarities. Venezia – Stazione ferroviaria – Roma – Stazione Termini.

Views View Edit History. He will direct the angioo until anviolo, overseeing the design of numerous railway stations and among the most interesting post offices. The day after the fall of the regime the cleansing process that hit the major state offices has meant that some major figures, considered inconvenient only by those who came to power, suddenly disappeared without a trace.


The senior engineer, before he died, put his papers and his memoirs in order and, thanks to Federico Zeri, he donated them to the community.

Angiolo Mazzoni – Wikidata

Secondly, the object is functional. Stazione centrale – The function of the new train station was to transport the enormous number of mazzoni and tourist for the EUR.

The E’42 project supported the fascist regime by building impressive fascist buildings and spaces. His archive is now kept at the Museum of Modern Art in Trento, and efforts are being made to ensure the conservation of his most important surviving buildings.

JPG [Accessed 19 Dec. Read random article Views Read Edit View history. View all coordinates using: The Fascist period still appears as a field of study, full of ideas. Italy still contains hundreds of his large and small railway and telecommunications buildings, extant and functioning, a tribute to his mastery of robust, hard-working construction. Angiolo Mazzoni Change mazzkni.

Reggio Emilia – Stazione ferroviaria. Angiolo Mazzoni, Post Office building, Sabaudia.