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ABN Andhra Jyothi – Wikipedia

Please take action as soon as possible and tell the truth to the people. I went to the hospital to remove the operation stitching and also for medical check up. Monday, December 1,9: I don’t have residence permit also from the period of to till today.

Views Read Edit View history. So again i was admitted in the hospital dated on for the operation. I don’t know what andhrajyotni do in my future. Andhra eaper news paper — Telugu news paper. While the Telangana government came forward for their surgery, Andhra Jyothy took up their maintenance. There’s no way to pay myself due to my disabled handicapped situation. Hello, i have been trying to get a loan from the bank, i could not find one.

Probably if the case judgment whether it is favorable or not favorable for me i am not responsible for anything.

But they said that i have to pay my Spenser K D 2, then only i can able to leave from here. For your verification i forward the all messages as given below: As a Middle class man, I alone can’t fight with out the support of media.


I wonder Rajashekar is best suited for foreteller than a film actor or a politician. I am living in Kuwait. During the same month of may MR. Till today i did not andhrajyoghi any judgment from the court.

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But he took all of my signed papers he went out. If you give me and permit me to do the work in any other company by the support of your ministry, i will do the work and i will clear the amount of KD 2, for my sponsor. I have to relief from the bad condition. And one more thing he told like chiru dont have any political experience but who the hell is he?????

Andhra jyothi news paper – Telugu news paper. Radha krishna, which was collected for the maintenance of Warangal-based conjoined twins Veena and Vani. They said the reason my case still in the court and its not came to conclusion.

My physical condition is very bad and i don’t have job, i cont go anywhere without money. We offer the following loans category: Contact our loan officer Email: I don’t know how to live in Kuwait without any residency, without money, without any job.

If you permit me by your authority of your ministry, it will be very use full for full fill my hungry and run my life little peace fully. I hope that you will fulfill my entire ambition. My mother is more aged and she is living alone without any income sources. Due to some circumstance, totally my life is spoiled in Kuwait because of my sponsor created some problems against me.


Further for the past 4 years i do not have residence permit and also i do not have the job. Hoe would he know that chiru dont wins in the politics??????????????? He brought some Rpaper written and some plain papers.

I hope andhrajyotho as a sincere Newspaper and Media Like Andhrajyothi can make justice to me. Doctor told me that the operation was failure.

Vizianagaram Andhrajyothi Epaper Online Edition -Telugu (official)

Even though the judgment favored for him. But due to pressure from Politicians the higher officials are not taking any action against the construction. Because of my bad situation the hospital management discharged me without any payment.

The reason because i was having full confidence and believed him. Janardhan, an advocate from Hyderabad filed a petition in Ranga Reddy court seeking action against the misuse of funds by Mr V. Through this message i wish to inform you that kindly take steps to relieve me from Kuwait and also for my brightful future. Against K D 2, Iam requesting to avoid such thing for money