Fomenko, Anatoly Timofeevich. Born in Full Member (Academician) of the Russian Academy of Sciences, Full Member of the Russian Academy of Natural. Apocalypse was written after a.d. Dr Prof Anatoly Fomenko and team dissect Almagest of “ancient” Ptolemy compiled allegedly in a.d. and considered. The Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko made a series of 72 illustrations for Bulgakov’s The Master and Margarita.

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He claims that the historical Jesus may have been born in and was crucified around AD on the Joshua’s Hilloverlooking the Bosphorus. Fomenko specifically points to a break of dendrochronological scales around AD Not to be confused with New Chronology Rohl. Dating methods as offered by mathematical statistics, eclipses and zodiacs Chronology Book 1 Oct 30, GinzburgPseudoscience and the Need to Combat It.

One of Fomenko’s simplest methods is statistical correlation of texts. For example, one of the properties is the way of death: Most Russian scientists consider Fomenko’s historical works to be pseudoscientific. During the Soviet years, Fomenko was frequently involved in the state-sponsored studies, an open source analysisthe subject of which was contemporary Western media news, which were analysed and searched for misinterpretations of actual events by mixed teams consisting of various Soviet scholars, using interdisciplinary approach and statistical analysis of textual information in particular.

The Master and Margarita – Anatoly Fomenko

He identifies Solomon as sultan Suleiman the Magnificent — Anafoly possibility is that there was an unspoken general taboo on what concerned a subject quite as dangerous, which resulted in the misdating of the Apocalypse. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Born in Donetskthen called Stalino, he was raised and schooled in Magadan. Retrieved 15 June Paris, London, New York: Not only have his images filled pages of some of his own books on geometry, but they have also been chosen to illustrate books on other subjects by many other mathematicians.


While Fomenko rejects commonly accepted dating methods, archaeologists, conservators aanatoly other scientists make extensive use of such techniques which have been rigorously examined and refined during decades of use.

Fomenko graduated from the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty of Moscow State University inand in began working in the department of differential geometry in said faculty.

Amazon Music Stream millions of songs. Popularity Popularity Featured Price: Fomenko also cites a number of cases where carbon dating of a series of objects of known age gave significantly different anatooly. The evangelical Jesus is traditionally believed to have lived for 33 years, and he was an adult at the time of his encounter with John the Baptist.

This article contains embedded lists that may be poorly defined, unverified or indiscriminate. In volumes 1, 2, 3 and 4 of History: Fomenko examines astronomical events described in ancient texts and claims fomemko the chronology is actually medieval. Anatoly Fomenko also feels the need for expressing abstract mathematical concepts through artwork. The concept is most fully explained in History: First, he creates a database of rulers, containing relevant information on each of them.

Inhe won the State Prize of the Russian Federation for excellence in mathematics. Additional details in these texts provided further confirmation of this dating. Author of a number of books on the development of new empirico-statistical methods and their application to anaoly analysis of historical chronicles as well as the chronology of antiquity and the Middle Ages. The methods of humanities, one of which is history, are not enough for solving chronological issues.

In a somewhat similar manner, Fomenko compares two dynasties anatol rulers using statistical methods. The dynastic parallelism method. Virtually all extant documents from the period before that time, Fomenko writes, are untrustworthy, due to a number of factors: Our analyses fomenkoo the chronology and history opened a striking circumstance.

He writes that the Bible we know today is largely built on 11thth-century fabrications and revisions to older texts and that fomekno fabrications and revisions actually reflect events that were happening in the 11thth centuries.


The New Chronology also contains a reconstructionan alternative chronology, radically shorter than the standard historical timeline, because all ancient history is “folded” onto the Middle Ages. Astronomical data therein contained is not sufficient for unique dating. He has created his own revision called New Chronologybased on statistical correlations, dating of zodiacs, and by examining the mathematics and astronomy involved in chronology.

Experimental test of the maxima correlation principle”. Fomenko is a supporter of drastically revising historical chronology. These “phantom copies” are often misdated by centuries or even millennia and end up incorporated into conventional chronology.

The theory provides an alternate history account of the “true” history centered around a world empire called the “Russian Horde”. Book 15 Aug 05, Most Russian scientists and worldwide historians consider Fomenko’s historical works to be either pseudoscientific or antiscientific.

Billington describes Fomenko as anatol the belief in past hostility between Russia and the Mongols to anato,y influence of Western historians. Further, the theory is Russocentric diminishing achievements of other cultures and claiming major civilization accomplishments as Russian and by proposing a giant “Russian Horde” empire and eliminating historical time before its existence. But it appeared to be a difficult task to build a new, non-contradictory concept of chronology.

The Analysis of Ancient and Medieval Records.

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Discover why he believes it and why he’s not percent crazy. Astronomical retrocalculations for all these moving objects allow us to date these observations, and consequently the rulers’ reigns, to within a single day.

Nosovsky are included in the film. Johns Hopkins University Press, pp. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Johns Hopkins University Press.