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In addition, the proprioception assessment process will help to improve the prescription of the prosthesis, the success of the rehabilitation treatment and the participation of individuals in their environment.

Revista de la Facultad de Medicina

Stress distribution of AK prosthetic socket. Numerical rating total obtained.

Frillici F, Rizzi C. This way, they can be supported and implemented in this population. J Rehabilitation Research Development. Therefore, it is necessary that both proprioception and other qualities of movement go through a specific evaluation process before intervention.

Análisis de la funcionabilidad de prótesis ortopédicas transfemorales

Prosthetics and Orthotics International. Propuesta de un instrumento de evaluacion de la propiocepcion en adultos. The test to measure joint position is based on accuracy to replicate and detect a position, on both active and passive form 1. Inclusion and exclusion criteria for the selection of information.


At this point, that the subject replicates movement is intended after having passively perceived it in the contralateral limb, that is to say, if the leg to evaluate is the left leg, the therapist must perform the movement with the right leg and keep it at one of five positions established.

The following inclusion and exclusion criteria were established Table 2. This test complements the unipodal test since both are performed simultaneously, on unstable and stable surfaces. Review of secondary physical conditions associated with lower-limb amputation and long-term qmputacion use. The percussion of a tendon is the stimulus that leads to a rapid and instantaneous stretching of muscle and tendon receptors sensitive to stretch.

Also, inter- and intrarater reliability testing should be performed.

Several studies, which seek to identify different degrees of movement in the knee joint have been found To Universidad Nacional de Colombia for its academic training and for approving the project. I think it refers to the protuberance at the ankle, but have not found the correct term in English. Content validity is understood as a qualitative assessment of the questionnaire scope, that is, if it covers all dimensions of the phenomenon to be measured, amphtacion an instrument is considered to be content valid, if all aspects to be measured are contemplated 7.

Med Sci Sports Exerc.

Interface shear stresses during ambulation with a below-knee prosthetic limb. The muscle spindle is a proprioceptive receptor located in the muscle structure.


Using this study also it was possible the mechanical resistance study linking all results to the appearance of diseases of intact limb as well as the residual one. The effects of adding mass to the legs on the energetic and biomechanics of walking. We would also like to thank to those people who participated in this project, since it would not have been possible without the valuable contributions made on the basis of their specialties.

English PRO pts in category: Santiago de Cuba, Cuba. Peer comments on this answer and responses from the answerer.


The application of these tests is possible in transtibial amputees since the preserved knee joint has mechanoreceptors and proprioceptors that allow signaling somatosensory information, even with structural loss and associated functional amputacon 2. It is performed with and without prosthesis in a sitting position with the angular identifier referred to in the joint position test. Post Your ideas for ProZ.

View Ideas submitted by the community. Term search Jobs Translators Clients Forums. Classification of the proprioceptive response according to the numerical grade.