provide extensive information about AMEDDC&S Pam (). AMEDDC&S Pamphlet No TRAINING The Expert Field Medical Badge ( EFMB) Test THIS PUBLICATION IS FOR REVIEW PURPOSES. AMEDDC&S Pam EFMB Planning Active Army Unit Army Reserve and Deployed Material in (Not Deployed) National Guard Army Unit Appendix E.

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Camouflage your personal equipment. When the casualty inhales, the plastic should be sucked against the wound, preventing the entry of air. Muscular twitching around area of exposed or contaminated skin. Maintained normal body temperature.

Seal by applying overlapping strips of tape to three sides of the plastic covering to provide a flutter-type valve. Remove the bolt carrier. Extend the leg of the angle touching the forearm beyond the ends of the fingers. Turn the selector to “SAFE” if applicable. To host an EFMB test, the unit must have a minimum of 50 eligible candidates.

Perform a function check within 1 minute; ensure that the rifle operates properly with the selector switch in each position. The candidate is required to complete the 10 tasks listed in paragraph c, below, within 1 hour, and pass 8 of the Performed a rapid trauma assessment or focused assessment on all casualties.


Candidate lifts Buddy’s hood straight up off his or her shoulders by grasping the straps. The injection may be given in any part of the lateral thigh muscle from about a hand’s width above the knee to a hand’s width below the hip joint. Release the charging handle to feed a new round into the chamber.


Cradle your weapon in your arms, keeping its muzzle off the ground. Correctly performed all applicable performance steps for each performance measure within 1 minute. Ensures that combat lanes are set up IAW paragraph The flight crew has configured the aircraft to receive the casualties.

Hang the container at least 2 feet above the level of the casualty’s heart, if possible. Don, clear, and check your mask within 9 seconds. Used the high crawl. Rechecked the site for infiltration. Given a UH helicopter, three treated casualties, and three litters with straps. Verify the rifle is clear. Remove protective mask and correctly store it inside its carrier within 1 minute. Punctured the vein into the practice device.


AMEDDC&S Pam 350-10 Training Expert Field Medical Badge (EFMB) Test

Insert the recoil spring guide into the recoil spring Figure e. If it is painful, swollen, red, cool to the touch, or if fluid is leaking from the site, stop the infusion immediately. Some of the communications tasks offer a choice of equipment.

Alternate events are not authorized. Recommended basic load of pyrotechnics for candidates.


Most helicopters cannot go straight up or down when fully loaded; therefore, a larger landing site and better approach and departure routes are required. Readjusted the flow rate. Evaluators will appear before the board to support their position. Hold one pwm so that it is longer than the other, and form a loop with the longer end.