In loving memory of Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen [September 17, — December 11, ] Who was “always ready” to defend the faith, and always ready to meet his. Always Ready Bahnsen, Greg L. $$ Product Description. This book is a compilation of several of Dr. Bahnsen’s published works on Christian. Always Ready. (Directions for Defending the Faith). Dr. Greg L. Bahnsen Texarkana, AR: Covenant Media Foundation, pp., paperback, $

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By far, the best book I’ve read on apologetics to-date. I would recommend anyone read this book before they started into Plato or Kant. In so doing, he exposes the modernist paradigm into which many Christians have fallen.

There are no resdy topics on this book yet. The most desired form of criticism from you came in the comment right before mine: I felt that trying to do that would just add to the noise. The only author off-hand who may be simpler is Dr.

Always Ready: Directions for Defending the Faith – Greg L. Bahnsen – Google Books

No longer do I find myself needing to cede the intellectual high grouond when trying to explain why I beleive in God. For the astute and willing student, Bahnsen provides the tools in this redy to be equipped in their own apologetics to interact meaningfully and biblically with nonbelievers.

Paul warns that Christ should be our starting point so that as verse 4 indicates, “no one may delude [us] with persuasive argument. Always Ready is a phenomenal book. How is this possible in an “atheistic” worldview? Jul 26, Ronnie Winterton rated it really liked it.


Always Ready: Directions For Defending The Faith

Jones October 31, We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. We need to follow in Paul’s footsteps and preach the truth of God’s Word, not man’s wisdom. Directions for Defending the Faith offers a good corrective to this mindset. So far ‘Always Ready’ bahnzen been as excellent as everyone has always promised me it would be.

Now, does the laws of logic exist outside of the human mind? Readings and Analysis Love the work.

So what’s so great about Always Ready and how does it differ from other books on defending the faith? We are to be humble, respectful, and bahjsen all Gospel-focused. Throughout the book, Bahnsen incorporates a kind of mantra that keeps bringing the reader back to need to establish the source of authority. If so, how are you certain of this?

To put it another way: What is fascinating is how apologist can’t see this. For a contemporary example, that may be a little more humble in its approach, try The Reason for God by Tim Keller. Always Ready is absolutely a great start and very informative book. After writing all of this I just realized who The Apologetic Front is now, he is no stranger to any of this. Telling an Atheist to “try Jesus” is not Biblical, asking nonbelievers to evaluate God instead of evaluate self isn’t either.


I certainly recommend this excellent work on apologetics. On the other hand, the Christian worldview is without inconsistencies and does live up to its epistomological standards.

Always Ready: Directions For Defending The Faith by Greg L. Bahnsen

The first section, previously published as a syllabus, provides a step-by-step explanation of key issues in Christian apologetics and establishes the biblical support for the presuppositional method. While alwzys book is sort of a compilation of lectures and articles, the editors did a good job pulling things together and organizing them. Also a Philosophy professor at my university wrote two essays on Presuppositionalism and Bahnsen. The first half of the book is extremely easy to read and smoothly explains each aspect bahnaen presup.

Always Ready

What I said still stands even if it were for an different audience. I am not sure how Bahnsen would answer that. All philosophical systems therefore need a “final authority” which bhnsen self-authenticating. Directions for Defending the Faith is one of the main texts one will turn to when studying presuppositional apologetics. So there is nothing that I am doing that is against God’s will here.