Alinco DJ-S11 Instruction manual. uploaded by RigReference. PDF, Unknown size. Click to download This document is related to the following rigs Alinco. Download ALINCO DJ-S11 service manual & repair info for electronics experts. ALINCO DJ-S11 DATA. The DJ-S11 is a handheld 2M FM amateur radio transceiver with 20 channels () + CALL Channel; transmits up to W on.

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Why did I like the DJ-S11? To answer a few questions, yes I did get this radio back in They were very small antennas, yes, both short and narrow, and a small antenna is not going to outperform a larger one. Once I figured out that the antenna wasn’t loaded, I added the appropiate amount of wire to make it about 19 inches in total length. The output impedance of most solid state amplifier stages is low compared to tubes where it is high.

How does one know if an antenna is matched to a radio? Re-assemble the radio, being careful that the thin rubber gasket is seated around the inside edge of the rear cover.

Johnson Dentron Radio Co. In anyevent who says the radio outputs were designed for manjal ohms? Why, because it is small, lightand easy to carry because of the flip up antenna.


ALINCO DJ-S11 Transceiver Programming Procedure

It is bad enough trying to sift through all the spin that the “advertising specialists” read that as controlled liars put into the ads but when we have to see if a HT has a resonant antenna with it.?

Replace the batteries, press and hold the “F” button on the left side of the radio, and turn it on. No, not at all. This wasn’t mentioned in the manual. They don’t break and are very durable. Its a moot point now since the radio and an emergency service daypack it was in were stolen in Is the DJ-S11 the best choice out there today?

Yes, these are still sold new. Honestly there wasn’t much difference at all. Email Subscription You are not subscribed to discussions on this article. Then I put two drinking straws together over the antenna, and wire, manial give it some rugged support It looked horrible. I use a mobility scooter and the low power does not interfer with the electronic controler.

When I opened the package there was a small di-s11 of yellow paper that instructed me to only pull the antenna out to the first section when transmitting. The antenna had no loading and I didn’t notice any loading on the inside.

Alinco DJ-S11 Specifications

This unit is not FCC type-accepted for anything but ham band – When I had mine I lived in Florida and later California. I was pleasantly surprised when I could use it to get into the local repeater from over a mile away. It isn’t trash, either. For what it was the DJ-S11 worked well and I thought it was a good product. I would think that Alinco would feel they had a reputation to live up to.


This article has expired. The antenna that came with the radio was apx. Manal can now receive the NOAA weather stations in my area, which will be d-js11 when checking into weather nets during storms see http: Better radios are available for a few bux more, so there should be no complaint, including your “soorow” for someone who purchased one.

Place the radio face down on a soft towel. It didn’t perform poorly for me at all.

HTs are very difficult to check antennas with using test equipment as moving manial antenna off the radio changes everything. I also was curious what everybody had to say about this radio that’s owned it or familiar with it. And there is a goodly amount of data on designing antennas with limited ground planes in the third edition of Antennas by Kraus and Marhefka.