Good evening, dear ladies and gentlemen. 20 years ago on July 11, the most severe war crime since the 2nd World War is said to have. Alexander Dorin book about Srebrenica events. Srebrenica — The History of Salon Racism. “In the West, the popular mythology about. The trial of Radovan Karadzic in The Hague, which has been stalled by the former Bosnian Serb leader’s refusal to show up in court, is likely to be used by the.

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People in Britain are largely unaware of what has been done in their name, even as government policies undermine our own interests. Memories alexannder a fighter for the truth about Srebrenica and the suffering of the Serbs: Diese Website verwendet Cookies.

What they have brought to light is horrendous but none the less true for that. In order to continue our work, we need you to support our efforts.

The Hague Tribunal does not believe so…? So far just one of the many inconsistencies. Thousands of civilians were killed in it. Also, some organizers have contacted him last week but they did not get any answer, as many friends with whom he collaborated ….

Cookies helfen uns bei der Bereitstellung unserer Dienste. It never mentioned that the Serb action was carried out with TV and OSCE observers invited and present, who along with a French journalist were sgebrenica and around the villages for many hours, but said nothing about a massacre before the presentation of the corpses in a gully the following day.


Alexander Dorin Swiss researcher who has been investigating Srebrenica events for the past 14 years srevrenica has published several books on the subject, including Srebrenica — The History of Salon Racism Srebrenica — die Geschichte eines salonfahigen Rassismus. Cancel reply Enter your comment here And with good reason. It is not that British elites are evil or that everything they do is immoral and dangerous. After a few obvious parallels were drawn aelxander the situations in the media, the srebrejica humanitarian pretexts used for Kosovo were indeed safely forgotten in these other conflicts.

Does your book offer additional evidence?

Alexander Dorin, Zoran Jovanović: Srebrenica – what really happened

It is one based in part on concepts of humanitarian law, where no word is more evocative. So, i sincerely believe that Alex is OK. German edition of the book is coming out of press around the middle of the next month.

The Swiss Justice Ministry told Sputnik that he was not arrested on their order. For months he had some post traumatic syndroms. There are some exceptions to promoting generally unethical foreign policies — but they are few and pale in comparison with the broader picture.

These policies are helping to make the world more insecure, unequal and abusive of human rights. They even took out the parquet, knocked down the doors.

You mean those who were later voting in the elections…? Those 2, men fell in a battle against the Serbian Army, while they were breaking through to Tuzla. And these are what this documentation is about.

This site uses Akismet to alexanedr spam. After many years of investigating the war events in and around Srebrenica, I have reached a definite conclusion that there was no genocide.


The Srebrenica-massacre and the arrest of Alexander Dorin Organisations controlled by George Soros also played a crucial role, as they were later to do, inin Georgia. And, Dorin, at the end ofin an article presented evidence that between 3, and 4, Muslims, in July fled to Serbia and were accommodated in Serbian srsbrenica camps.

Srebrenica — Neither Massacre, Nor Genocide, by Alexander Dorin

Our friend Aleksandar Dorin has benn arrested by Swiss Police and is not allowed to have any contact to anyone. Former leader Radovan Karadzic is on trial at The Hague facing eleven criminal charges, including the alleged massacre of up to 8, Bosniak men and youths in Srebrenica.

Help us by making a contribution. Good evening, dear ladies and gentlemen. And the srenrenica will discover, apart from the bawling in the obligatory five-minute hate broadcast, nothing of importance, least of all on the internet.

Srebrenica — Neither Massacre, Nor Genocide

Article licensed under Creative Commons. Comments containing offensive language, threats and personal insults, will not be published Publishing houses Ahriman-Verlag GmbH representatives responded differently to our questions, which leaves some doubt about the accuracy of the information that was previously given.

Learn how your comment data is processed. Odrin tenant was present. In war, the public is in effect actively mobilised by the various components of the elite in support of state policy.