Buy a cheap copy of Seta book by Alessandro Baricco. The year is Hervé Joncour is a French merchant of silkworms, who combs the known world for their . Alessandro Baricco’s Seta: Travel, Ventriloquism and the Other. Robert Rushing. Introduction. First published in , Alessandro Baricco’s novel, Seta [English. Get FREE shipping on Seta by Alessandro Baricco, from

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Seda or Silk, then comes across as a lyrical legend in which the underlying feeling or theme would seem to be Love. We had differing opinions, especially on the letters and the two aviaries. Let it work its charm over you and don’t let the world interfere. You’ll miss out otherwise. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. His first trip to Japan takes place in the Bakumatsu periodwhen Japan was still largely closed to foreigners. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Mar 19, Dolors rated it it was amazing Shelves: And it is done in baricoc a beautiful and remarkable way that this reader never felt as if important aspects of the novel were only glazed over. I was high above the clouds, and in full flight myself by this time, and perhaps that was the reason why I went into such a reverie but then determination rose to the fore.

Goddamn it hit me hard. It was a major world-wide bestseller years ago — millions alsssandro copies — and if you haven’t had the chance to read it, you should do yourself a favor.


Bastava un articolo di fondo se proprio se ne sentiva l’urgenza di parlarne. Whatever it was it was charming.

A new English translation by Ann Goldstein was published in Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. A reader of what genre was his somewhat disdainful reply.

alessanxro Too bad, because this whimsical tale should have worked well by the producers of ‘Amelie’ or by Tornatore. E il comunicare messaggi forti dove lo lasciamo?

Silk Quotes by Alessandro Baricco

Many sentences are left open and others are placed here or there, as if they were loose brushstrokes painted with Japanese ink. I wish I could tell you about the woman and the impact she had upon Herve, but that would ruin the story for you. Jul 28, Nicholas Sparks rated alessxndro it was amazing Shelves: Herve replays this journey four times.

A love story, but not a love story. E credo anche di aver capito che io rientro decisamente nella prima categoria.

I had no idea what kind of books she read but she promised me that she would read it that evening and the next morning we sat down, with her husband John, and baaricco the book. Was it a parable of human life with all its ambitions and failures?

Alesssandro was translated into English in by Guido Waldman. I hate when other reviewers do that, but it seems secrecy is the only way I can explain how powerful this story is.

Silk (novel) – Wikipedia

Altri lo accusano di essere volutamente oscuro. As a tale it also has an element of the oral tradition, with periodic repetitions to help its audience remember, repetitions which have bothered some readers, but which for me made the reading faster. Okay, I know the past two paragraphs have been cryptic, I apologize. May 13, TK rated it it was amazing Shelves: I prefer them because you have time to know bett 3.


How their secret affair develops and how it unfolds is told in a narration as beautiful, smooth and seamless as a piece of the finest silk.

Was there a symbolic meaning here that I could not understand? They do not speak but manage to communicate via letters that have to be translated and then… Well you have to read the book.

Silk Quotes

We are also reminded of the opening of the Suez Canal, and more baricoc to the tale, the scientific discoveries of Pasteur related to parasites and silkworms. He had a slight look of irritation on his face but then forced a smile and gently took hold of the book. Nei limiti del possibile. Come la carezza di una mano avvolta in una seta impalpabile. Il signor Baricco racconta.

Il signor Baricco sapeva bene quel che faceva incastonando nella narrazione brani che ricorrono identici. Silenzio, prego due colpi col martelletto. Views Read Edit View history.