ISBN Publisher. International Law Book Services (ILBS). Year of Publication. Yearly print / cover colour might change. This Act may be cited as the Bills of Exchange Act Interpretation. 2. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires– “acceptance” means an acceptance. 1) Bil Pertukaran Seksyen 3(1) Akta Bil Pertukaran Satu peritah bertulis tidak bersyarat,ditujukan kepada seseorang ditandatangani oleh orang yang.

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Bills of Exchange 35 9 Protest is dispensed with by any circumstance which would dispense with notice of dishonour.

Bills of Exchange 11 2 An instrument which does not comply with these conditions, or which orders any act to be done in addition to the payment of money, is not a bill of exchange. When the cause of delay ceases to operate, the bill must be noted or protested with reasonable diligence.

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The provisions of this Act relating to crossed cheques shall, so far as applicable, have effect in relation to instruments other than cheques to which section 85 applies as they have effect in relation to cheques.

Protest when notary not accessible Bills of Exchange 27 Non-acceptance Bills of Exchange 49 Non-transferable cheque 81A. Alteration of bill Alteration of bill Acceptance and Payment for Honour Presentment of cheque through document image processing system 74A. Holder’s right to duplicate of lost bill When the cause of delay ceases to operate the notice must be given with reasonable diligence. When a bill payable to order on demand is drawn on a banker, and the banker on whom it is drawn pays the bills in good faith and in the ordinary course of business, it is not incumbent on the banker to show that the indorsement of the payee or any subsequent indorsement was made by or under the authority of the person whose indorsement it purports to be, and the banker is deemed to have paid the bill in due course, although such indorsement has been forged or made without authority.

Effect of “not negotiable” crossing on holder 81A. Person signing as pertukarqn or in representative capacity General Duties of the Holder When presentment for acceptance is necessary Where a bill is not payable on demand the day on which it falls due is determined as follows: A banker 1499 gives value for, or has a lien on, a cheque payable to order which the holder delivers to him for collection without indorsing it, has such if any rights as he would have had if, upon delivery, the holder had indorsed it in blank.


Malaysian Legislation

Any other note is a foreign note. Dishonour by non-payment Provided that– i where a bill is issued out of Malaysia it is not invalid by reason only that it is not stamped in accordance with the law of the place of issue; ii where a bill, issued out of Malaysia, conforms, as regards requisites in form, to the law of Malaysia, it may, for the purpose of enforcing payment thereof, be treated as valid as between all persons who negotiate, hold or become parties to it in Malaysia; b subject to the provisions of this Act, the interpretation of the drawing, indorsement, acceptance, ajta acceptance supra protest of a bill, is determined by the law of the place where such contract is made: Inland and foreign bills 4.

Presumption of value and good faith Negotiation of Bills If the holder do not on demand deliver them up he shall be liable to the payer for honour in damages.

Protection of bankers collecting payment of cheques, or certain other instruments Provided that– a where the holder in good faith and by mistake inserts a wrong date; and b in every case where a wrong date is inserted, if the bill subsequently comes into the hands of a holder in due course, the bill shall not be avoided thereby, but shall operate and be payable as if the date so inserted had been the true date.

Presentment of cheque for payment Transferor by delivery and transferee Discharge of Bill In any other case, presentment for payment is not necessary in order to render the maker liable.


The drawer of a bill and any indorser may insert therein the name of a person to whom the holder may resort in case of need, that is to say, in case the bill is dishonoured by non-acceptance or non-payment. Bills of Exchange 41 2 The acceptor for honour is liable to the holder and to all parties to the bill subsequent to the party for whose honour he has accepted. It may also contain terms making it restrictive. The rights and powers of the holder of a bill are as follows: Bills of Exchange 55 3 The Yang di-Pertuan Agong may by notification in the Gazette prescribe the fees payable on issue of certificates under subsection land may in like manner prescribe the form of such certificates.


Stranger signing bill liable as indorser Provided that– a when a bill is presented through the post office, and returned by post dishonoured, it may be protested at the place to which it is returned and on the day of its return, if received during business hours, and if not received during business hours, then not later than the next business day; b when a bill drawn payable at the place of business or residence of some person other than the drawee has been dishonoured by non-acceptance, it must be protested for non-payment at the place where it is expressed to be payable, and no further presentment for payment to, or demand on, the drawee is necessary.

Certainty required as to payee 8.

Akta Bil Pertukaran (Disemak – )

What is an unreasonable length of time for this purpose is a question of fact. Conflict of Laws Rules where laws conflict Application of certain provisions to instruments not being bills of exchange Special Provisions Relating to Endorsement, Etc. Liabilities of Parties Funds in qkta of drawee When the acceptor of a bill is or becomes the holder of it at or after its maturity, in his own right, the bill is discharged.

Omission of date in bill payable after date or acceptance after sight Duties as to qualified acceptances Bills of Exchange 5 Section Bills of Bi, 23 Conditional indorsement Definition and requisites of acceptance Rules as to sets Conflict of Laws No person is liable as drawer, indorser, or acceptor of a bill who has not signed it as such: