AFTO Form H, Aerospace Vehicle Flight Status and Maintenance Document. AFTO Form J, Aerospace Vehicle Engine Flight Document. The Crew Chief must also transcribe open discrepancies to new As or transfer them to the K. AFTO Form J (Aerospace vehicle – Engine Flight. Purpose of the AFTO form series Crew chief personnel or alternate are resposible for maintaing aircraft forms to include 1. Initiation . AFTO Form J.

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How 7881 you fill out a afto form ? You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Posted July 24, Just to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s, they say brain exercise does that, where was the individual aircraft weight and balance information kept? Hey Ken, Look what I found. In the aircraft forms what form would you find dicrepancies for joap? The is a series of forms used to document aircraft usage and maintenance.

Still updating your records in the ‘office’ after you’ve fixed your aircraft on the flightline? Afto form f is u front page to acft forms it has the names of the dcc adcc and the pilot along with the acft tail number some pilot information afot include flight time conver … sions.

Enter the organization to which the aerospace vehicle is possessed, with the command designation in parenthesis.


AFTO Form 781 Series

So each engine and the airframe have their own J to keep track of their use and determine when inspections are due. Sign In Sign Up. I once was on a flight out of CCK to the garden party, and there was none of that available.

Share this post Afti to post Share on other sites. I also assume he turned them over to operations. At the same time, you don’t want the ground crew behind the aircraft fighting the engine exhaust, so typically, the inboard engines are shut down. More in air, sea or land for for money. Am I all messed up, more than usual??? It just shows that Steen Lundehaving saved that all of these years, has made somebody’s day! What AFTO form is used to document accrued aircraft and engine time?

What is a afto form j

What does a red symbol on the afto form a represent? Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an torm Sign up for a new account in our community. Since I was still stationed at Naha during that time, makes it seem more real!! They had a place for the Julian Date, the discrepancy, of course the status or severity of the discrepancy, the diagonal such as the BPO and Preflight and non-grounding things.

Edited July 22, by Mt. But I Afro remember that write-up in the How do you pull Air Force aircraft forms? The was used on a daily basis to show job completion and how long it took to do it. Posted August 1, For a number of reasons, all engines on an aircraft may not be run the same amount. C General Search In. Merge this question into. Already fofm an account? I would also assume that the records are only kept afyo a designated number of years or, in this day and age, may be computerized.


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AFTO Form Series – AF

Sonny, that is a real find!! As far as the K being cardboard or yellow. Run your squadron maintenance for one month – App – from your smart phone and you’ll never go back! Enter the four-letter code of the Host Operation System Management HOSM which services that organization, supplied by the unit operations officer to which the original forms must be sent for processing and filing. I don’t remember what we did with them when they were all signed off etc. All of the above.

Please correct me if I am wrong.

Back in aftl we never had to keep track of our time. And for you Giz the weight and bal forms, F, slip stick etc were kept to the right at F.