AEROFLEX closed cell tube and sheet insulation is a flexible and lightweight elastomeric AEROFLEX is an ideal insulation for frost control on sub-zero piping. Aerocel® AeroFit™ Elastomeric Insulating Fitting Covers are produced from Aerocel® pipe insulation with SaniGuard™ is a closed-cell EPDM-rubber based . Since water has a relatively high thermal conductivity, a key factor for insulation performance and durability is keeping the insulation dry. Closed cell elastomeric .

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It can be applied on the long and continuous copper tubes.

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Color products are also available. They are resistant to most industrial fumes, humidity conditions, salt water and adverse weather. Home About Us Products Contact. Active Plastics supplies quality and realiable plastic products, including a wide range of trunking products.

Outstanding ultraviolet and weather resistance. It prevents heat gain and condensation problems on chilled water and refrigerant pipelines, and it also prevents heat loss from hot water plumbing, liquid and dual temperature piping. When used outdoors, PVC covers and fitting covers need not be painted or coated.

Fast and easy installation: Insulock pre-moulded fitting covers and jacketing adds to the insulation value from hot and cold surfaces and is suitable for insulating cold, hot, refrigerated, chilled or steam piping in commercial, industrial, institutional, food and pharmaceutical industries. Vapour barrier PVC makes this material indispensable for cold service piping systems. Applying Superlon Insulation materials properly also helps to reduce energy consumption of air conditioning and heating units.


About Us Our Company. In addition, Superlon insulation materials have a high oxygen index. The effect of chemical attack on PVC is substantially different than the effect on metals, which is known as corrosion. Metallic corrosion means the slow wearing away by chemical or electrolytic action. Products All our Catalogue. Corrosion of the PVC due to fumes from the chemicals in the atmosphere is much less pronounced in most cases. Aeroflex standard sheet and tube elastomeric thermal insulation are widely used to save energy and prevent condensation problem on chilled water and refrigeration systems.

Unlike other types of insulation products, Superlon insulation materials are dust and fiber free which do not present any health related hazards. Low thermal conductivity and high moisture resistance: Moreover, Aeroflex Continuous Tube made of the same material as Aeroflex tube.

PVC Jacket is available in various thickness to suit a variety of applications and environments. We have managed to transfer substantial cost savings to our customers by bringing bulk volume directly from manufacturers. Insulock fitting covers and jacketing are non sparking, and therefore safe wherever flammable or explosive materials and atmospheres are involved.


Scratches or surface abrasions on PVC do not provide sites for corrosion attack. Aeroflex Continuous Tube is especially designed for copper tubes used in split-type air-conditioning.

Insulock PVC fitting covers and jacketing, unlike metals are inherently immune to galvanic or electrolytic action.

However, for outdoor installation with long term direct contact to sunlight, protective coating or jacketing are recommended. Swelling normally precedes dissolving and alters the properties of the PVC. With a total of more 10,m 2 of warehouse and wholesales outlets, we have maintain ample stocks for all our products to service our valued customers.

Superlon insulation materials are engineered with the highest standard. Low maintenance as it will not corrode or dent. Aeroflex Noise Reduction Sheets.

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Chemical attack on PVC is indicated by swelling and dissolving. Powered by Agiga Aerof,ex Com. Insulation Superlon insulation materials are engineered with the highest standard. PVC Gloss finish acts as a natural deterrent to mould and mildew growth. Login Email Cart Items: Singduct S Pte Ltd is incorporated in the year They are non-toxic, odourless and tasteless.