Im newbie. I buy AD as like at the picture. Im try to connect AD to my UNO: ***. Using digital pins 8 through 11, proto shield installed. 1 Using the Analog Devices AD DDS with an Arduino board; 2 Initialising and Resetting the AD; 3 Setting the output frequency. I have paired may AD with an Arduino Uno, LCD display, Rotary encoder, and a few other small parts and have put together a very descent DDS VFO.

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Still worked, just showed the code down greatly. Hi TomGeorge; Here the Schematic. Please someone to help me. Firstly, thanks for a great and well documented project.

The NE needed the entire waveform to work well and seemed to want more; need to make a buffer. Project nearly finished — if anyone can help with this one… I have put in a rudimentary menu system that allows selection of Sig Gen or Wobbulator.

I Have not a spctrum analycer, but I think the signal from the AD is very dirty.


I am also using a generic 3 pin encoder. The are really tiny for something so useful. Hi Rich, Could you please tell if there are any changes required in the sketch, if the AD is used instead of the AD? Newer Post Older Post Arfuino.

It can generate a khz sinusoidal.

I have tried several encoders and they all do the same thing. You may use these HTML tags and attributes: I will need some kind of amp to bump up the output to 4v ptp, manual calls for 12v on 15 meter band for some reason.

AD + Arduino Uno (ProblemPlease Help)

Thanks for commenting a lot in the code. LiquidCrystal lcd av9850, 13, 7, 6, 5, 4 ; TO: Anyone know how to stop this from happening? I have not altered the sketch at all.

A good way to adjust the output level with a pot? Schematic is not openening in eagle ,which soft I have to use??? I loaded the folder with the files rotary. Video coming soon I hope. I notice however that its only up to 30 mhz, can that be altered so i can at least see how good or bad it is? Please could you please send the code to dds oled display.

It works so I am unsure arduio to why you had problems. Or you can also send a donation via paypal to rvisokey yahoo.

  DIN 77400 PDF

Other than arduinl, the tuning was smooth and clear. So far very little success is being achieved. It may be from another poster on my site. I built This VFO and it works great. Thanks for the reply Rich. I think would be a great improve if instead of writing to EEPROM you can use this circuit to detect the power off situation and save the data only when the receiver were turned off.

Peter, The code is already setup to do what you request.

AD9850 Arduino

Not sure what to tell you. If you need more power try this site. What a great project.

No such file or directory. Any help much appreciated. The decoder I use is not a common one, is a circuit that uses a stepper from printer with a circuit to aeduino the quadrature signal to Arduino.