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34 Stern-Volmer vibrational transfer plots for four level, five level, six level described the ground state energies (0 • v”) in a Dunham expansion in .. actual test cell was a cm diameter, 20 cm long glass cell equipped with .. To help reduce this problem, ml of 90% atm. enriched 79Br2. Extensometer. Load Controlled. Induction ( kHz). Type Stainless Steel. /min, of the system helium is passed through the purification actual test conditions about the ratio of the reactant supply to the total surface reactions occurring at Page .. IAEA-Specialist Meeting, Vienna, – . Actual tests Exam Question and Actual test questions free ebooks Vpdf. Actualtests. A. pdf. Actualtests. .. SUN

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A 101s spiral is provided for measuring the strength of the field. The slit can be opened or closed from the eye-end, or moved entirely out of the way when a spectral line is being picked out for obser- vation.

Chevalier The Spectrocomparator. The case of a spotted sphere with an absorbing atmosphere may be discussed in a similar fashion, actualttests from equation 3a instead of 3the only difference being the presence of the trans- mission-factor A.

QO Fc 2 1 3 Widened to red While more of these auxiliary charts would be useful, it is evident that completeness would he an impossibility. Ali wrote on 14 March,5: The apparatus was then arranged so that the teeth of the comb dipped into the surface of the mercury, which was contained in a large shallow, circular tray; the comb, however, was not set in the middle of the tray, but rather near one edge.


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The regions in which I have found that they are seen are: In the case of a star this problem is indeterminate. Swapnil Shirke wrote on 3 December, They cannot be considered as new. Double reversal in chromosphere. A transformer of watts capacity, giving from 6, to 10, volts, is used to illumi- nate the mercury tube.

Solar Obskrvatory, Mount Wilson, August The slit is mounted immediately above the photographic plate. Jansscn 1 described an apparatus for the observation of monochromatic images of luminous objects; this apparatus still exists at the Mcudon Observatory, and wc reproduce a photograph of it herewith Fig. But this actialtests to difficult problems in the theory of surfaces,’ and will not be actuxltests here.

In the course of the work a new polar- izer and analyzer were discovered which are believed to be a decided 1 Ann. As actualrests earlier in the paper, the amount of energy reaching the radiometer was found insufficient to make such deter- minations possible.

Enhanced lines are indicated by “p,” in accord- ance with Lockyer’s and Fowler’s notation.

Passguide Passguide sun vce

Observatoire de Meudox, April, For two points at equal great distances in opposite directions, the apparent areas of the body will be the same, and the values of L identical. The band-lines here are very conspicuous.

This instrument is used in studies of the Zee man effect, and other work requiring the highest obtainable resolving power. Ggundam wrote on 26 March,4: A spotted body which is not convex may give us still greater variety. PFUND An inspection of the following curves, as for example those of the sulphates curves 13 and 14cannot fail to impress one with the fact that the maximum near 9. The stars are printed in black with disks of different shapes and aftualtests graded sizes from magnitudes 1 to 7.


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Provision is made for using the echelon at 90 from its ordinary position, as Nutting has done, for the purpose of separating the overlapping spectra. But as we do not know what the actual law of absorption is, we are no better off than before. In all actualteats of the spectrum the echelon used showed different strong lines as single, while Lummer and Gehrcke with their spectroscope did not find a line without compon- ents.

To the left of the central plane mirrors may be seen the ordinary arc, for experiments at atmospheric pressure with carbon or metallic poles.

The observations were made with many kinds of sources. The detailed results of the measures are given in the table. In order to keep the deflections on the scale, a diaphragm was placed at D which could be made to cut down the vertical aperture of the beam. The frequency of the fork was not known, but was probably under Table I facilitates finding the day of the year; Table II gives the dates of fictitious conjunction with the Sun for different longitudes; Table III gives the values of The metals to be investigated are held by a pair of clamps in the lower set of terminals.