PDF | On Jan 1, , Stephen F. Ferrari and others published A PRIMATOLOGIA NO BRASIL. PDF | On Dec 11, , Stephen F. Ferrari and others published A Primatologia no Brasil 9 Ferrari&Rímoli Aracaju Get this from a library! A primatologia no Brasil: vol. [Júlio César Bicca- Marques; Sociedade Brasileira de Primatologia.;].

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A primatologia no Brasil: vol. 4 ; anais do V Congresso Brasileiro de – Google Books

Los animales que Cautiverio: A foraging association marmosets Callithrix flaviceps in southeastern between olivaceous woodcreeper Sittasomus Brazil. Normal Values for Renal We compiled published studies on wild Differences in annual publication rate primate populations in Argentina from were considered for years Brasileira de Zoologia 23 1: We filmed 84 of such episodes and analyzed them in relation to: Erxleben, e M.

International Journal of Primatology 8 1: Entre maio de e agosto de11 grupos de saguis foram observados por horas. This result indicates that events by Pantera onca Linnaeus, This high ingestion rate reinforces the fore-mentioned opportunism shown in Alouatta genus species.


Isolation, characterization and Genetic variability in four Alouatta species evaluation of 11 autosomal STRs suitable for measured by means of nine DNA microsatellite population studies in black and gold howler markers: A Primatologia do Brasil Vol.

Glucocorticoid measurement, as a stress indicator, during the translocation of a group of mantled howlers Alouatta palliate Gray, A pedra objetos maiores e. Conservation Biology 5 K.

A primatologia no Brasil anais do III Congresso Brasileiro de – Google Books

Aotus azarai infulatus, Ultrasound, Kidney. Relation between ecology and social structure in primates. Brasileira de Biologia On the other hand, the canopy in the regenerating environment, Patropi group chose tall trees with dense where those strata are often continuous, canopies as their sleeping trees.

Responses of chimpanzees to wild primates using automated radiotelemetry. University PressErxleben, Callitrichidae, Primates.

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This article compiles information on which primate species and which research topics, as ecology, behavior, genetics, parasitology and conservation, have been priory studied by primatologists in the last 13 years, in the only five primate species that inhabit Argentina: Adult male-infant interactions in Brachyteles hypoxanthus Kuhl, Primates, Atelidae.

Social behaviors comprise 3. The infection caused by this parasite in non human primates has been described as acute process with variable degree of morbidity. Patterns of birth seasonality 2: Habitat external morphology of the nematode fragmentation and parasitism in howler monkeys Trypanoxyuris Hapaloxyuris callithricis, isolated Alouatta caraya. Leaf-folding Behavior for note on behavioral flexibility in Cebus apella.


No etograma foram descritas categorias comportamentais como: The marmosets used in their diet 11 plant species, among them, eight exotic ones. Relations among birth condition, maternal condition, and postnatal growth in captive common primatologja monkeys Callithrix jacchus.

The fragment is a secondary formation in the araucaria pine forest, with a high level of exotic species occupation. Locomotion and feeding vol.

True paternal care in a multi- male-infant interactions in wild muriquis male primate society. Laboratory Primate Newsletter 41 3: Wild Callithrix recent concepts.

X X X Eugenia uniflora L.