A Night in the Lonesome October. A Night in the Lonesome October. By Roger Zelazny, Illustrated by Gahan Wilson. Rediscovered Classics. FICTION. When I encountered this line for the first time, on page 2 of Roger Zelazny’s A Night in the Lonesome October, I cracked up. I didn’t get the line’s. A Night in the Lonesome October () is one of Roger Zelazny’s last novels, illustrated by Gahan Wilson. In an October in the late 19th century, a small .

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Accompanying and amplifying the text are a series of 31 full-page illustrations by one of the masters of bizarre and horrific art. I’d say this one is worth tracking down if you can find it at your library. Definitely the talking animals, the monsters who entertained Snuff with their mad requests and dangerous plans and the heroes from other famous and classical books. Harper, David, and Lynn Marie Stockman.

Are you ready for a night in the lonesome October?

But not all of it. Yours’ll be along shortly!

Everything is parceled out in small increments of info Thanks for the kind words. I thought this essay justified the price of a Loneslme copy of issue 18 all by itself!

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A Night in the Lonesome October (Literature) – TV Tropes

I made up a set of notes this year from discussions over the past couple of years in the Roger Zelazny group here: But most of the others will take more puzzling out. Any book that reveals more and more layers and depth and connections, as you reread and analyze it, gets a large rating boost from me. In an October in the late 19th century, a small English village finds itself host to an eclectic group of visitors. View all 14 comments. Frankenstein, Sherlock Holmes and other creatures of the night lurking about in the nearby woods and graveyards.


The Third thing I enjoyed about this set up is that nothing is told to you. Each one has their own pet familiar AND is working for a big event on Halloween to either release a great power or keep it where it is.

Views Read Edit View history. The Game is presented quite masterfully, with lots of bits that the reader has to put together to see the whole puzzle.

Are you ready for a night in the lonesome October? – Farrago Books

There’s a particularly fun ongoing riff using the Things that Jack and Snuff guard. Some readers may dispute my conclusions and others may not want lonsome unmasking the characters.

It’s a quick read with odd artwork. I tracked Snuff and the other players in the Game with interested as the story revealed the closeness of great friendships, the great alliances and the nasty treason. Together with Jack, her name enables a pun that is not voiced until the end when she accompanies Jack up the sloping terrain. Science Fiction and Fantasy A Night in the Lonesome October Roger Zelazny Boldly original and wildly entertaining, this darkly sparkling gem combines horror, humour, mystery and fantasy.


Zelazny is a genius Gahan Wilson’s illustrations for this book are slightly q.

And that is a scientifically proven fact. Let me count the ways. A Night in the Lonesome October is creepy zwlazny humorous, gruesome and witty at the same time. Keeps it from going dry, I guess. Minor characters like the Count and the Great Detective shine in zepazny limited but key scenes, surprising us at key turns.

I didn’t quite understand all of that, but I don’t think it was as important as the unfolding paranormal mystery as various human or humanlike characters start to be picked off, one by one.

His papers are housed at the Albin O. While a fun read, it just didn’t hit ‘5’ on my ‘must own now’ scale, but I’d rate it at 4 and a half stars.

Zelazny is a science fiction and fantasy forefather of the s through the s, having influenced the likes of Neil Gaiman and George R. But in a late chapter several literally dropped clues reveal a more important inspiration for him.